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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt: The Ultimate RPG Gaming Experience

Although this game was released about 4 years ago, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is hard to forget as the best game of the year. This game not only presents great graphics, but also a very slick story plot. The tradition of western RPG games, where the story is determined by the player, has been very successfully implemented by CD Projekt. Even before its release, this game was highly anticipated. Even though in terms of graphics, it was downgraded when compared to the trailer, the visuals presented by The Witcher 3 are still pleasing to the eye. You’ll see how detailed every texture is and the particles and effects are very well done by CD Projekt.

The Witcher 3

Like the previous game, this game carries an open-world RPG game that frees you to roam anywhere. Not only that, the missions and side quests are also very rich. Kudos to CD Projekt who is very serious and ambitious in working on this one game. Because of this game, CD Projekt is predicted to be a developer who really cares about players or consumers. On this occasion, Buddygame will discuss this RPG game more fully, curious? Follow this article to the end.

Story Plot: Continuation of Geralt’s Story with his Playboy Aura

The story of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt continues the story of The Witcher where Geralt of Rivia begins to end his personal conflict. His memory also recovered after being lost and made him remember a woman named Yennefer. However, Geralt has a nightmare about the arrival of a troop of troops wearing black armor that threatens everything around them. Geralt is also currently looking for his adopted son, Ciri, who is also being hunted by the troop called the Wild Hunt. The presence of Ciri becomes a cure for Geralt’s longing to have a child because he and his lover, Yennefer, who is a Sorceress, will not be able to have children.

The Witcher 3

On this journey, Geralt crossed the Northern Kingdom which was being invaded by Nilfgaard’s troops from the South. Finally Geralt takes a mission in the midst of a chaotic social life. That is the outline of the story presented by CD Projekt through this third series of The Withcer. How about the graphics and gameplay?

A Wide and Living World

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt, as the developer, offers a very wide world that you can navigate, even you can get lost in it. The world in this game comes with 5 regions, each of which has a very large area. The five regions are Novigard and Velen which are a combination of big cities, swamps, and wild nature, then there is Skellige which appears with a Scandinavian-style culture.

The Witcher 3

The world offered by The Witcher 3 does not only appear with slick details but also an environment that feels alive. Each area you visit will have many different aspects, ranging from styles of dress, accents of language, culture, and even different beliefs or religions. These aspects also contribute to the way they interact. In addition, thanks to the dynamic weather effects make this game feel more dramatic. The variety of monsters presented in this game also makes your journey even more stressful. The animation presented by this game also looks very flexible and realistic. Especially seeing Geralt draw a sword when facing the monsters on the road.

Then, if it’s just a wide world, RPGs like Elder Scrolls Skyrim which came out in 2011 also offer the same thing. So what else is offered by The Witcher 3? Eits, don’t hesitate with this one game, the gameplay presented by the third series made by CD Projekt is so challenging. The level of difficulty is high enough to make you feel the need for more effort to solve it. Yes, you could say the level of difficulty is not far from the Dark Souls game made by From Software. Geralt’s opponents are not only scary monsters, he also has to face pirates and bandits. Therefore, Geralt is equipped with two weapons, namely the Steel Sword which functions to slash enemies in the form of humans, and also the Silver Sword to crush monsters.

Conclusion: Remember! This Game is Adult Only.

Some time after its release, this game made by CD Projekt won the Game of the Year award. We think this award really deserves to be pinned on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt because this game presents everything that is executed very well. There is no point in doing this project with great ambition. It’s a loss for those of you who have never tried this one game. If you haven’t, we highly recommend this game to play. For the PC version, the price has also dropped. But, one thing that must be remembered, The Witcher is a game that is truly adult only because it is full of violent and sexual scenes.