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The Three Best Fanny Players in Mobile Legends According to RSG Demonkite!

The Three Best Fanny Players in Mobile Legends According to RSG Demonkite!

Fanny is one of the strongest junglers in the current patch. Fanny returned to the meta after getting a fairly large buff so that her performance increased.

Seen in recent tournaments such as MPL ID or MPL PH, this hero is always a pick or a ban.

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Talking about Fanny, of course many players can play with this hero. However, to be said to be the best Fanny player, of course, it requires considerable experience, especially to use it in tournaments.

Now, regarding the best Fanny user, RSG PH player Demonkite gave his opinion on the three best Fanny users in the current Mobile Legends scene.

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Best Fanny Player According to RSG Demonkite

Mobile Legends: RSG's Demonkite named MPL Season 8 top rookie – Filipino News

“In my opinion, Fanny’s best player is Ferxiic, the second is Kabuki and then Kairi,” said RSG Demonkite via his Facebook live stream.

According to the RSG Demonkite jungler from the RSH PH team, Ferxiic was the first best Fanny player according to him.

Followed by Kabuki as the second best Fanny player, and Kairi from ONIC PH as the third best Fanny player.

It turns out that Demonkite really recognizes Fanny and Kabuki as one of the best Fanny users from Indonesia.

Indeed, there is no Alberttt name because we also know that compared to the two names mentioned Alberttt is still slightly below. But we know Alberttt is the best Ling user, because he also discussed it and acknowledged Alberttt as the first.

Do you agree with the opinion of RSG Demonkite? Or maybe you have another name that might be on the list?

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