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The Reason You Must Pick Bruno at Goldlane Mobile Legends

You guys play goldlane and confused about which hero to pick? So the best solution is to pick Bruno and here are the reasons why you must pick Bruno when playing goldlane in Mobile Legends.

Bruno is one of the less popular marksman heroes in the current Mobile Legends meta but has extraordinary abilities.

Even according to SPIN Esports, Bruno deserves to be one of the priority marksman picks when you play goldlane in Mobile Legends.

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There are a number of reasons why we say Bruno is a priority pick and here are a few.

Huge Consistent Damage

Hero op mobile legends
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The consistently large damage from the start is the main reason why you must pick Bruno. This hero even has terrible damage even though it’s only level 1. All because of the critical damage from Bruno’s 1st skill.

High Damage to Opponent Turret

Superhero skins ml

In a way, Bruno is the second marksman after Popol & Kupa who has the ability to push the turret very quickly since the early game. It all came back again because of the large critical damage from Bruno’s 1st skill.

Easy to Play

Bruno ML's New Skin

The last reason is that Bruno is very easy to play even for beginners. Playing Bruno just relies on his passive, his own passive is pressing skill 1 and then picking up the ball that fell on the ground after releasing skill 1 to the opponent or minion and jungle.

So you just take Bruno’s balls that fall to the ground continuously, the damage will be big and the mana will be efficient.

Those are some of the reasons that make you have to pick Bruno when playing goldlane in Mobile Legends.

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