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The Reason You Must Master At least 2 Different Roles in Mobile Legends

You should know that here are 2 reasons why you must master at least 2 different roles when playing the Mobile Legends game.

Junebe there are still many of you who currently only master one role in Mobile Legends. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s a shame if you only master 1 role.

Even though the minimum roles that must be mastered by Mobile Legends players are 2 roles, why is that? Here’s why you have to master at least 2 different roles in Mobile Legends.

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Be Calmer

Thugs Explaner Antimage
source: Nimo TV EVOS Antimage

The first reason is being calmer during the draft pick process, you are more relaxed when picking heroes because you can play 2 roles. You can play in any lane.

So when one role is taken by another player, there are still other roles that you can use. Not to mention that there are several Mobile Legends heroes now that are flexible and can be played in any lane.

Does not depend on 1 role

MPL Hero Explaner

Still related to the first reason, not only depending on 1 role is also a big advantage when you master at least 2 different roles.

Anyway, you are calmer and not worried when your role is used by someone else.

Those are 2 reasons why you have to master 2 different roles in MLBB. And for the roles that we suggest you master are the fighter and marksman roles.

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