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The Reason Xavier Is Rarely Banned in the Mobile Legends Tournament!

The Reason Xavier Is Rarely Banned in the Mobile Legends Tournament!

You certainly agree that Xavier’s hero is the current Mage OP hero. He has annoying CC and great damage when entering the late game.

Even without the blink skill, Xavier is usually equipped with a Sprint spell to escape. Makes it hard to catch for a while.

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But if you look at tournaments such as MPL Indonesia and MSC, this hero is often released and used by teams or even opponents.

source: Mobile Legends Rank

Even though in the Mobile Legends rank match, this hero is often banned from the 6 existing heroes. What is the reason for releasing Xavier?

The Reason Xavier Mobile Legends Is Rarely Banned

Here are three reasons why Xavier is rarely banned in Mobile Legends tournaments according to SPIN Esports.

Can be easily countered by Assassin

Helcurt ML Counter Xavier Mobile Legends
source : Mobile Legends

The first reason according to SPIN Esports is that this hero is easy to counter by Assassin. Indeed Assassin looks rarely used in this patch because of the meta tank.

But seeing the typical Indonesian players who like fast hands, of course Assassin remains a very reasonable choice.

As a result, with the Assassin pick, Xavier can be easily countered.

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Better to use by the team

Counter Xavier Mobile Legends
Photo via Novazenn

Too dear to be banned and better picked by the team if at all possible. Even though this hero is easy to counter, this hero is indeed quite strong with annoying CC effects. So instead of being wasted in the tire slot, it is better to be used by the team itself.

Too Expensive for the first Tire slot

The strongest hero mage
Photo via Novazenn

In tournaments, each team often uses 5 tire slots, and as a tire for the first three heroes, it’s either too expensive or too expensive.

If it is not picked up and used by the opponent, it will be countered by using an Assassin hero.

That’s roughly the reason why Xavier is rarely banned in tournaments even though this hero is quite forbidden to use in Mobile Legends rank.

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