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The Reason Why Fortnite Mobile Never Released On Android

Fortnite Mobile is the game that is currently the most awaited by game lovers, especially for lovers of the Battle Royale Game. This game itself was developed by a well-known company, Tencent (the company behind the success of PUBG Mobile). Even so, it seems that Android users will have to be patient a little longer. The reason is that Fortnite has only just been released on IOS and Samsung. As for Android, there is no certainty when Fortnite Mobile will be officially released on the Playstore. In this case, there are several reasons why Fortnite Mobile has not been released for Android users. Here’s the reason.

Competition With Games Other

The main reason why Fortnite Mobile has not been released on Android is because of the competition between other games. It’s a common thing about a competition between businesses, this also applies to Game releases. The only toughest competitor for Fortnite is a fellow company game, namely PUBG Mobile. Please note that Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile are both developed by the Tencent company. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is currently selling well as a free game on the Playstore, as a fact in just 5 months since its release PUBG Mobile has been downloaded up to 100 million times. This is what makes Fortnite Mobile not released in advance for fear of losing its popularity to PUBG Mobile.

Device Compatible

Even though this game is being waited for, there is bad news for its users. The reason is that it takes at least a device with a minimum of 3GB Ram and Android Version 5.0. Since this Game has to be compatible with a wide selection of devices and also many different versions of Android on all those devices as well, In short this is not an easy thing to do. In order to make the users able to play it easily, the developer continues to make this game even simpler. So for HP Potato users it seems quite impossible to be able to play this game later.

Still In Stage Beta

Please note for all of you that Fortnite Mobile is currently still in beta specifically for Android users. With this Beta stage, it means that the developer is still in the process of developing this game. Especially about the bugs that often occur in this game, because of that the developers are still reluctant to release Fortnite Mobile specifically for Android.

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Currently, Fortnite Mobile is collaborating with a well-known smartphone company, namely Samsung. The reason is that for Samsung users, especially the Samsung Note 9, they can immediately play this game. What’s more, Samsung Note 9 users will get additional bonuses in Fortnite Mobile. In this case, both parties want each other’s benefits. With the fact that Fortnite Mobile has only been released on iOS and Samsung only.