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The Pillars, Ariel Noah's Esports Team Finally Officially Disbands its Free Fire Division

The Pillars The esports team formed by Ariel Noah is finally disbanded

The Pillars Claymore, the Free Fire Division Team formed by Arial Noah in the end had to be disbanded, even though the Esports Team was only formed two months ago and has only participated in one national-level tournament.

This is known to be confirmed directly through The Pillars Esports’ official Instagram account which says that “They are grateful to The Pillars Claymore Free Fire division team who have been fighting all this time.

However, as of the time this news was written, it is not known for certain why The Pillars Esports disbanded its Free Fire division team. Moreover, the team is very promising because it has two former players from the Rex Regum Qeon team, namely Fluxys and Azura. In addition, The Pillars Claymore is currently participating in a national level tournament, namely Free Fire Master League Season 1.

With the disbandment of the Free Fire division, all players will leave The Pillars Claymore team and have no more teams after the end of Free Fire Master League Season 1. currently participating in the PMPL Spring Split 2022 tournament.