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The Origin of the Meaning of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a Battle Royale genre game developed by a well-known company, Tencent. To be able to win in this game is quite difficult, because it takes a high luck factor and an established skill. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is a sentence that will appear if a player manages to survive to the end. Did you know that the sentence Winner Winner Chicken Dinner is not just any sentence, because the sentence has the meaning of a history. For those of you who don’t know the meaning Winner Winner Chicken DinnerI will give a knowledge of the meaning.

There are many speculations about the meaning of this sentence, but all of these speculations have the same meaning, namely Winner Winner Chicken Dinner has the meaning of gambling. Why can it be called gambling, here there are 2 origins of why the meaning of the sentence is related to gambling.

The first, the story of the Casino in Las Vegas in the 1970’s. Casino is a place where gambling is run by a company legally. That year in Las Vegas the lowest bet for a Poker, Blackjack or Slot Machine game was $2. Incidentally the price of chicken for dinner in Las Vegas at that time was only about $ 1.79 which means if someone can win the smallest bet can buy chicken for dinner. If in English that means Chicken Dinner.

The second origin of the sentence from a book entitled A Guide to Craps Lingo from Snake Eyes to Muleteeth. In the book, the phrase comes from the era of The Great Depression. Well at that time Craps players (gambling with dice) rarely used money for gambling. If they use the money to gamble and win, they will use the winning money to spend on chicken dinner. This tradition created a slang that we often hear every time we become the last man standing in PUBG.

From the two stories above, it can be concluded that the meaning of the sentence Winner Winner Chicken Dinner comes from gambling. Why is it relevant enough? Because in gambling it takes Luck completely to be able to win. It’s the same as playing PUBG Mobile, although skill is quite important but luck is the most important thing in this game. Like dropping in Spot with good Loot, rarely meeting many players, Zone narrowing. All of the above can be resolved if you have Luck.