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The Newest Class Called Striker is Now Available in Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Striker

Pearl Abyss as the developer of the Black Desert Mobile game revealed that the latest class is named Striker has now officially rolled into the game. This class is considered one of the most popular in version Black Desert other.

Reported by MMO CULTURE, Striker is a class that combines martial arts to defeat its enemies. His style lends itself to hand-to-hand combat and battlefields, where his speed and agility make the class a truly formidable foe.

You can celebrate the arrival of the Striker by participating in level up events. Those who leveled up Striker before June 9 can receive exclusive rewards such as Tier 2 Pet Chest, Shiny Accesssory Chest, and Elgriffin’s Defense Gear Chest.

Black Desert Mobile is now available to download as a free to play game on the App Store and Google Play.