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The Medium – Horror Game That Disturbs You Psychologically

The use of ray tracing technology has become popular in recent times. Moreover, the presence of GPUs from two camps that already support this technology. A game called The Medium that carries a psychological-horror theme was released by a Polish developer named Blobber Team. It seems that the Polish developer has recently begun to show his fangs in the gaming industry. Blobber itself has spawned several psychological horror games. The Medium itself is a Microsoft exclusive game where this game is only released on PC and also Xbox Series X / S.

The Medium

Although this game was not produced by a giant studio, The Medium is quite a steal among PC gamers because this game is considered to be quite demanding, especially with the ray tracing configuration. Some people may be confused why a game with a static camera like this can be this heavy. Frankly, the high-end RTX 3000 with 4K resolution only still gets fps around 40s when beaten with right-aligned graphics configurations and DLSS Quality.

Ray tracing is arguably a revolutionary technology that makes the reflection of the world more realistic, and this makes components like GPUs and CPUs work even harder. This is the reason why, The Medium has become the talk of many media, especially in the graphic aspect. You are curious and want to play this one game, you can follow this Game Buddy article about The Medium.

Storyline The Medium

This psychological horror game takes place in Poland after the collapse of the Soviet Union’s communist regime in 1999. In this game, you will play as a woman named Marianne who has the power to make her an intermediary capable of going to the spirit world. Junebe in the current era Marianne is considered an indigo. His life as an indigo makes him uneasy. Here he must help the wandering spirits to find their final resting place.

The Medium

On her way to becoming an indigo, Marianne dreams of a man who shoots a little girl on the shore of a lake. Waking up from her dream, Marianne receives a mysterious call from a man named Thomas who turns out to know about her abilities. And Thomas will also tell about the origin of the power that Marianne has and also the dream she experienced, with the condition that Marianne is able to fulfill Thomas’s request to meet her at an inn called Niwa, a legacy of the Soviet communist regime.

Actually, the inn had long been closed by the government after the murders a few years ago. That’s how much of The Medium’s storyline is. Because this game focuses on the story and we don’t want to reduce the enjoyment of playing by giving spoilers, we recommend that you play this game and follow the storyline.

Graphics and Gameplay of The Medium

When you say which game uses ray tracing the most, maybe The Medium game can be included in the list. This game showcases ray tracing technology nicely. The lighting to the reflection that you find in a lot of water looks very beautiful. In addition, different from other horror games, The Medium tries to bring you nostalgia with the perspective of horror games that have existed on the first and second PlayStation. The camera in this game is taken from various angles.

The Medium

Then, the main attraction of The Medium game is the voice acting and the sound effects are very stunning. You will feel the tension that plagues you with fear. In this game you will find many puzzles that are very well worked on. The puzzles presented also seem very fluid. Coupled with the music produced by Akira Yamaoka who was once a music composer for the famous horror game, Silent Hill, this game will provide a new experience in playing horror games.

However, behind all the stunning aspects, The Medium left a few things that made us a bit uncomfortable when playing, namely the heavy controls. We assume that, The Medium wants to bring back nostalgia for Silent Hill players as well as Resident Evil on the PSX console. For old gamers, it might be quite easy to adapt to this style, but don’t know about new gamers.


The Medium is a game that wants to bring nostalgia to playing survival horror games in a style like classic PSX horror games with stunning graphics. The voice acting and graphics are also very thumbs up. And this could be an exclusive Xbox Series X/S opening game which is quite impressive.