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The 10 Best Running and Jogging Apps on Android

Do you like running or jogging? Want to know how far you ran? Yes, the right choice for those of you who are reading this article. The reason is, on this occasion, Carisignal will discuss the 10 best running and jogging applications that can be used on Android smartphones.

The ten applications that will be discussed this time are distance calculator applications and there are also, you know, which acts as a footstep counter app. So, the following application is indeed suitable and specifically for running and jogging enthusiasts.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing how far you’ve run and how far you’ve gone no? Want to use the app? Stay tune in this article until the end yes!

1. adidas Running Tracker Run App

adidas run_

If you’re looking for the best running and jogging app, adidas Running Tracker can be your choice. This application made by a world-renowned brand presents excellent features. Among others are training plan, fitness statsaccurate GPS, virtual raceand many more.

These features certainly have their own benefits. With training planFor example, you can create a running plan according to distance, consistency and duration. Then, there fitness stats. Here, you can monitor duration, distance, calories and heart rate while exercising.

Not only running, this application can also be tracker for a variety of other sports. One of them is cycling. Try the adidas Running Tracker app here.

2. Running App – Leap Fitness Group

Running App - Leap Fitness Group_

For those of you who run sports with the aim of reducing weight, the Running App application from Leap Fitness Group is suitable for use.

This application contains exercise programs for weight loss sourced from fitness practitioners. In addition, this one application also includes running statistics and helps you to find out how long it took, how far you ran, how fast you ran, and so on.

Oh yes, this application claims the running program is as easy as jogging, you know. Curious? Try the Running App directly from Leap Fitness Group here.

3. Strava Running and Cycling GPS

Strava Running and Cycling GPS

This is also one of the applications for running and jogging that we recommend for you. The Strava Running and Cycling GPS application will also calculate the distance you have traveled by relying on GPS. Here, you can see details from activity tracking.

Yes, you can get detailed reports of how far you ran, how fast you ran, calories burned while you ran, and more. Even more special, this Strava Running and Cycling GPS can be used for those of you who have Android Wear. Interested? Download here.

4. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club

From the name alone maybe you can already guess who developed this application. Yes, the Nike+ Run Club app is developed and created by developer Nike, Inc.

Just like other applications, Nike+ Run Club will also help you calculate the distance when you are running or jogging.

There are other advantages, here, if you use this app. In the Nike+ Run Club application there is a feature where you can invite friends to exercise and even compete and this application will give you track record for all your friends you know.

Uniquely, Nike+ Run Club will report the winner of your running match with your friends. Fun, huh?

5. Runkeeper


Runkeeper, an application available on Android that also offers complete features for those of you who like to run and jog. With this application, you can enjoy a variety of available features, such as: Running Groups, Audio Cues, Training Plans, Routes, Challenges.

Not only that, you can also enjoy features workout track where users will get detailed reports about the sports activities you do. Oh yes, this app relies on GPS to calculate your distance and steps.

Well, Runkeeper can also be installed on Android Wear you know. very complete, no? Immediately install and download the application here.

6. Map My Run by Under Armor

  Map My Run by Under Armor_

The Map My Run application from Under Armor is very useful for those of you who want to be more diligent in exercising. In this one application, there are exercise routines that contain exercise movements on the advice of fitness experts, as well as a running training schedule that can be adjusted according to needs.

The My Run by Under Armor map also allows you to record the distance you run with the shoes you’re wearing. The app will remind you when it’s time to change your shoes.

In addition to running, the Map My Run application can track more than 200 other sports activities. Oh yes, if you subscribe to premium, there will be more benefits and superior features that you can enjoy.

One of which is live tracker which can keep you safe while doing sports activities. Download the Map My Run by Under Armor application via this link.

7. Running & Jogging – Zeopoxa

running jogging zeopexa_

Running & Jogging from Zeopoxa is a running and jogging app that is suitable for anyone to use. This application offers excellent features in the form of: run trackercomplete with statistics on speed, duration, running distance, to the number of calories burned.

What makes this application superior to its competitors is that all the features it offers you can use for free.

This application also does not require its users to register an account and connect other gadgets while you are running. Curious about the application? Download directly via the following link.

8. Sports Tracker Running Cycling

Sports Tracker Running Cycling

This complete application for runners and jogging lovers has a myriad of features that are quite good. This application is called Sports Tracker Running Cycling. Here, users can analyze and tracking from every sport that is done, both running and jogging.

Not only that, Sports Tracker Running Cycling is also ready to assist you in reporting every detail of the results of the sports you have done in Workout Diary. Also, this app will report the details in the form of voice.

How, are you interested in using Sports Tracker Running Cycling? If interested, then you can download it for free here.

9. Running Distance Tracker +

Running Distance Tracker +

One more application that is ready to provide detailed reports about the running and jogging that you have done, this time the application is called Running Distance Tracker +. With this application, you can get detailed reports every day and even every month.

Another advantage of Running Distance Tracker + is the availability of features to access music player easily without having to exit the Running Distance Tracker + application. So, you can exercise accompanied by your favorite song.

10. Start Running for Beginners

running for beginners_

As the name implies, this application is intended for beginners who are just starting to run. Start Running for Beginners has a detailed workout plan. One of them is a level 1 workout (20 minute run) for beginners.

This application can of course also function as a run tracker which can be a reference to practice for you, so that the sports activities that are carried out are getting better and smoother. Download the Start Running for Beginners app here.

The discussion of 10 applications for running and jogging is finished. Almost all apps rely on GPS and some can be used on Android Wear. Which application did you choose? Well, if you want to know the best sports apps, please read this article. Hopefully useful for you!