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Terms, Rates & Create Room

How to Mabar Bussid – Tired of playing Bussid alone? Calm down, now you can play Bus Simulator Indonesia with friends aka Mabar. But to play with Bussid is not as easy as mabar in other Simulator games.

So there are some terms and conditions that must be met if you want to play Bussid in Multiplayer. In addition, in using the Mabar feature, each player will be charged a certain rate.

Please note that when playing Bus Simulator Indonesia in Multiplayer, you will get more fun. Besides that, there are two (2) types of Mabar in the Bus Simulator Indonesia game, namely: use room code and no room code.

What do you mean by Mabar using room code and Mabar not using room code? You can see the complete answer below with the conditions to the procedure for playing with Bussid on Android.

Terms of Playing Together in Bus Simulator Indonesia

As we mentioned above, in the Bussid game, the Mabar feature has a stipulation for the maximum number of users who can participate, which in the game is called a room. Therefore, there are two types of Mabar at Bussid, namely Mabar by making your own room and then sharing the room code with friends. Or directly join other players’ rooms randomly without a room code, provided that the room has not reached the maximum number of users.

After knowing what the difference is between Mabar with room code and without room code, now we move on to the requirements to be able to Mabar at Bussid. So, every Bussid player who wants to play Multiplayer must meet the following conditions:

1. Room Not Full

The first condition applies to those of you who are Mabar Randomly in other players’ rooms. So, you can only take part in Mabar if the selected room has a full number of participants.

2. All Participants Have Entered

The second condition applies to the type of Mabar using the room code. So, the Mabar process can only take place if the room you created is fully occupied by friends who are invited to Mabar and have been given a room code.

3. Do not use MOD

The third condition is that every player is prohibited from using MOD in any form, be it the Wolf Muffler MOD, Vehicle MOD and so on.

4. Stable Internet Connection

As for the last requirement, make sure the cellphone used already has a stable internet connection. Actually this condition is useful so that the Mabar process can run smoothly without any lag or connection interruptions.

Bussid Mabar Rates

After listening to some of the conditions above, now we move on to the next discussion, which is about Mabar fares in the Indonesian Bus Simulator game. So, in addition to the three conditions above, there are additional requirements to be able to Mabar Bussid, which is to have some money for Mabar costs.

Tariff or The cost of Mabar Bussid itself is Rp. 40,000. The cost will only be deducted if the Mabar process or playing with Bus Simulator Indonesia is already running. That way, when you arrive at the Room, you suddenly come back and decide not to join Mabar, then the fee is Rp. 40,000 will not be deducted.

How to Mabar Bussid

How to Mabar Bussid

Now we come to the main discussion, which is about the Mabar Bussid procedure. Alright, for the first tutorial, we will explain the Mabar method without a room code or joining other players’ rooms randomly.

Here you only need to prepare the Mabar fee then look for the Mabar room that is not fully occupied and the room owner does not apply the room code. Immediately, see the full tutorial for Mabar Bussid without the following room code:

1. Run Bussid

Run Bussid 1

First of all, please open the Bus Simulator ID application

2. Choose Play Together

Choose Play Together

Then on the main page, select the Play Together menu

3. Payment Confirmation

Payment confirmation

After that tap OK to confirm Mabar Bussid payment. Make sure your balance is sufficient

4. Select Mabar Server

Choose Mabar Server

Next press the button Use the best server Automatically to determine the Mabar Bus Simulator Indonesia server.

5. Find Mabar Rooms

Search Mabar Room

If so, now look for rooms that are not locked and the participants are not full. Then click Join Room.

6. Click Ready

Click Ready

On the next screen, just click Ready. After that wait until the room is full to start Flying Together in the game Bus Simulator Indonesia

7. Happy Playing

Have a nice play

So far, the Mabar process has been going on and Have a nice play!

How to Make a Room for Mabar

Then for those of you who want to be happy with your own friends, you can create a room when playing Multiplayer on Bussid. Later in the room you can add a room code so that not just any player can enter.

Meanwhile, to make the room code itself free, there are no conditions. That way, the room code that has been created can be shared with friends who want to be invited to play together. Alright, so that it’s clearer, just look at the full procedure below:

1. Click Play Together

Click Play Together

The first step, please open the Bussid application then click Play together. After that follow the instructions as usual to the server selection page.

2. Select Create Room

Click Create Room

If you have, in the display above, please click the menu Create Room

3. Specify Room Name & Code

Specify Room Name Room Code

Then make it room name and room code (free)

4. Determine Number of Participants & Game Mode

Determine the Number of Participants in Game Mode

After that determine too number of mabar participants and Game Mode, Convoy or Chase Passengers. If it is already, display screenshot that and share via WA or Telegram to friends who want to be invited to Mabar.

5. Determine Mabar Route

Determine Mabar Route

If so, next set route journey

6. Click Go

Click Go

Next click Leave in the pop-up that appears on the top right side of the screen.

7. Wait for Other Participants

Wait for Other Participants

Finally, wait for other friends who have received the room code to join the Bussid mabar. When everything is ready, please click Start.


That’s the information from the team about how Mabar Bussid uses the room code and without the room code. Meanwhile, please note that those of you who have previously installed Alphard Car MODs, Hino Trucks and other types of vehicle MODs cannot do the above method.

Because for Mabar Bussid using MOD has its own procedure. Junebe in the next discussion we will explain in full. In the meantime, we have just explained the Mabar Bussid procedure without MOD using the method above.