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Tencent Will Release Mobile Version of Ragnarok Online Game

Tencent is again making the latest Mobile Game adapted from PC Game. This time the MMORPG genre game Ragnarok will get an adaptation on Smartphones. Later this game will be released with the title Ragnarok: Love At First Sight. For those of you who have played this game before, you can feel nostalgic because this game will be officially launched by a well-known company, namely Tencent.

As seen from the gameplay, this game has very different controls. This is clear considering that this game will be adapted to smartphones. Opt for a more modern action RPG control setting and full 3D view. Players can still expect classic features, such as cities, class progress, costumes, mounts and more. New features include a day and night system, weather changes, climbing, special encounters, and 20-player PVP. Later this game will be released in China and Korea first, it is still unknown when this game will be released globally.