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Tencent Will Add 3 Heroes And Revamp Several Heroes In The Next AOV Update!

Previously, AOV has confirmed that it will add 3 new heroes. Among them there are those named Paine and Ata, although they have not been officially released yet.

As has been done on the Vietnam Test Server, Tencent has also added several Revamp heroes and skins. The following changes will be experienced after the next update!

Login Display


AOV changes the Background with heroes from The Abyss, as you can see there is a Volkath hero and troops ready to fight.

New Hero

1. Zata


Zata is a hero with the Mage/Assassins role who has the ultimate skill that can fly. With this ability, this hero can damage meta because of the ability to attack from above when in ultimate mode.

2. Laville


This hero will be a terrible archer later, because Laville has Attack Speed ​​and Auto Attack skills and can be said to be a new DPS in his class. This hero is categorized as a Late Game hero because it requires an Item. Junebe it can be a new option for those of you who play in Jungler or Abyssal Laner.

3. Rouie


Rouie herself has no leak of the shape and model, but the leak is already in the character’s video. If reported by YouTuber AOV Yikez, most likely this hero has a Mage/Support role.

Revamp Hero and Skin

1. Lauriel Black Wing skin


On the skin Lauriel Black Wing gets a new model, this change allows Lauriel to see her face from before which was covered by a mask.


2. Model Nakroth


Later Nakroth will get a new revamp model that will certainly look cooler. Previously, Nakroth’s form looked short in the latest Revamp, later it will look taller. In terms of animation when selecting a hero will also get a change.

Those are the changes that will be experienced in future Patch updates, what are your thoughts?