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Tencent's Riot Game Finally Wins Its Lawsuit To Mobile Legends

Riot Games has filed a lawsuit against Moonton for 1 year. Finally, the decision has reached the end with the victory obtained by Riot Games as the developer of League of Legends. Riot Games parent company Tencent Holdings has secured 19.4 million Chinese yuan (RMB), or approximately $2.9 million USD, in Indonesian Rupiah which is approximately 41.6 Billion Rupiah. in its case against developer Mobile Legend in China, sources told Dot Esports. Riot sued mobile game developer Shanghai Moonton Technology Co. in California’s Central District Court last year. But the case was dismissed shortly after on the grounds of forum non conviens, according to the legal journal Forham.

This basically means that it was dismissed because another jurisdiction or court could hear the case more conveniently. In this case, it is the court in Shanghai. Tencent, a Chinese company, launched a new suit against Mobile Legends there. This lawsuit is a non-disclosure and non-compete lawsuit. Moonton will initially only pay Tencent 2.6 million RMB (approximately $388,000 USD), according to official court documents from the Shanghai People’s Court No. 1 Intermediate sent to Dot Esports from a source. But the court ruled that this original settlement, a number achieved by Moonton, was incorrect. The document did not say whether the payment was part of a pretrial settlement. It simply said that the court deemed the value insufficient. Apparently, Moonton’s owners use valuations based on how the tax authorities calculate value, not book value.

The amount was later increased to 19.4 million RMB. Advertisement Report In the California-based lawsuit between Riot Games and Moonton, Riot shared some in-game comparisons between League of Legends and Mobile Legends, Some of the descriptions, abilities, ability descriptions, maps and other assets are very similar. Rift Summoner’s League of Legends alongside Riot’s Mobile Legends’ battlefield brings other Moonton games into the lawsuit as well, including Magic Rush: Heroes, which includes several playable characters very similar to those in League.