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Teams GPX Skye Wants To Fight In The UPoint Esports Invitational Playoffs!

Teams GPX Skye Wants To Fight In The UPoint Esports Invitational Playoffs!

GPX could be considered quite perfect in the group stage after getting three wins after overthrowing their strongest rival in the group stage of EVOS Lynx.

GPX won pretty easily with a short amount of time in the two games going on. This confirmed their position at the top of the standings with 9 points.

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Their points may still be equalized by Alter Ego Nyx if they win their next two matches. However, considering the three teams below them will meet each other it seems difficult to catch up with GPX, where they also still have one match against Echo Aeris in the fourth match.

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Teams GPX Skye Wants To Fight

After confirming the ticket to the playoffs, it turns out that this is the team that GPX wants to fight in the playoffs later.

GPX Skye
source: YT UPoint Esports

“BTR anyway,” said Skye briefly.

It turns out that the team is BTR or Bigetron Era. Besides, of course, to avenge their previous defeat, it was special because one of their previous colleagues, Fumi Eko, joined the BTR team recently.

It will be interesting to see how the two teams will meet. GPX actually didn’t change much in roster because this was their first roster when they debuted.

But of course the GPX game has gotten much better, especially after they managed to beat one of the strong teams in the ladies scene, EVOS Lynx.

They might meet in the upper bracket playoffs later, considering that BTR Era has also secured their position in group A.

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