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Team Secret Can Be a Burden for Indonesia in PMPL Sea Finals!

Team Secret can be a burden for the Indonesian team in the PMPL Sea Finals later!

One of the biggest PUBG Mobile tournaments that Indonesia will be participating in will start soon.

Only less than 2 weeks left, PMPL Sea Finals will start soon and the team from Indonesia will be competing soon.

Three teams from Indonesia of course are ready to compete, Bigetron Red Aliens, Aerowolf Limax, and also Aura Esports, will make Indonesia proud.

Of the 4 countries that will compete, of course, it will be a challenge for the three teams, because they will play against teams from different countries.

The tactics and strategies used against teams from Indonesia should also be different against teams from other countries.

Team Secret Becomes a Formidable Opponent for Indonesia!

To the team Bigetron Red Aliensmaybe you are used to facing tournaments like this, seeing that you have also played in international tournaments before.

The team even won the PMWL East Season 0 Champion title last August.

For the other 2 teams, maybe you have to try harder to convince the outside team that the Indonesian team is the best team in the PUBG Mobile division.

If you look at the way the other teams play, Team Secrets seems to be a formidable opponent for Indonesia.

Already 2 places are known, Team Secrets can fight with the Indonesian team because they have the same favorite drop zone.

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Team secrets that have been divided into 2 teams, from countries malaysia / singapore, and also Thailand This, became the first opponent for the Indonesian team.

First, there is Team Secret oppose Aura Esports which has a drop zone in San Martin, Miramar. Both will try to defend the San Martin area.

It can be predicted that there will be a struggle for looting and also a battle for positions by the Malaysian champions, and also Runner Up Indonesia in the tournament later.

Second, Secret Jin will meet Bigetron Red Aliens both of them know that they really like bootcamp, Sanhok.

These two teams have almost the same level of ferocity, and you could say we will see two alien teams fighting.

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