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Super Weekend Day 3 PMGC 2022 Postponed, Here's Why and Replacement Date!

PMGC Super Weekend postponed, here’s why and the replacement date!

PUBG Mobile fans have been waiting for the last day to close Super Weekend Week 1 which will be held today.

Unfortunately, it had to be postponed immediately, and PUBG Mobile fans around the world who had been waiting were met with great disappointment according to the comments column.

Super Weekend Week 1 Day 3 which should have started on Sunday, November 29, 2022 o’clock 18.00 WIB This was not done because there was a technical problem.

Of course this was not planned by any party, and the audience was hanged for several hours because there was no news of the tournament not starting either.

Here’s the information!

Super Weekend Day 3 PMGC 2022 Postponed!

According to the post from the official account PUBG Mobile Esports they first announced that there was an obstacle that required PMGC to be postponed for approx 1 hour from the promised time.

However, after the fans waited, the match also did not start from all the official platforms provided by PUBG Mobile.

Therefore, the organizers announced that match Day 3 Super Weekend was planned to be held on Monday, November 30, 2022, and it seemed that it had to be postponed again.

Source: pubg mobile esports

This was due to a technical problem with the PMGC studio, which prevented the tournament from being broadcast to all existing platforms.

The news also changed after the PUBG Mobile official announced that changes for the last day of Super Weekend in Week 1 will be made as soon as this week.

Because the damage that occurs is really severe, and cannot be replaced immediately in 1 day, this change will be reported further.

The PMGC apologizes for this, and the postponement of the tournament is aimed at providing the best possible experience for everyone involved.

Therefore, please also be supportive supporters and don’t underestimate the committees who have worked hard, Spinners.

Just wait for Monday tomorrow, and pray that the tournament can run without any more mistakes.

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