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Super Mario Adaptation Film Release Now Delayed To 2023

The success of film adaptations of video games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Detective Pikachu has indeed tempted many publishers to be able to also bring their titles to the big screen.

But working on the film adaptation is not just turning the palm of the hand. As seems to be currently being faced by Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment.

The two have indeed announced that they are working on a Super Mario Bros. film adaptation, which will be voiced by Chris Pratt. But unfortunately they have just announced that the release of the film has to be postponed.

Through a tweet on his Twitter account, Nintendo Director Shigeru Miyamoto spoke through his Nintendo of America account to share the news.

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Miyamoto said that he had consulted with their partner, Illumination about the Super Mario Bros. film. And finally they decided to postpone the release of the film to 2023.

At the end of his tweet, Miyamoto apologized to all the fans and promised that the Super Mario film would be worth the wait.

The mention of Chris-san in the tweet does not refer to Chris Pratt, but Illumination CEO Chris Meledandri. Unfortunately they did not explain what the reason for this delay was.