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Summoners War Releases 2 New Monsters & Sea Guild

Summoners War Released 2 New Monsters, NB4 Onimusha & NB5 Onmyouji

– A special update mission event is held to get Onimusha and upgrade his skills

Mobile gaming company Com2uS(CEO James Song) announced that Summoners War: Sky Arena (hereinafter called Summoners War) has released an update featuring two new monsters, they will also be holding a special event with new monsters as gifts.

2 new monsters, Onimusha & Onmyouji, will be added along with the update. These two monsters have stunning looks and extremely powerful skills. Onmyouji who fight with the power of “yin” and “yang” will appear as NB5 Monster for all elements (Water, Fire, Wind, Light, Dark). Meanwhile, Onimusha who uses a sharp sword will be present as NB5 for Dark elements, and NB4 for other elements.

The two monsters that have previously been shown in the teaser video and illustration have won great enthusiasm from players around the world thanks to their mystical aura and stunning appearance. These two new monsters have dynamic and elegant movements when using skills, thereby attracting the attention of the audience who watched the teaser video (URL).

Com2uS will be holding a special event where players can get a new NB4 monster, Onimusha, so they can enjoy the “Summoners War” using this new monster.

Players will be able to get various items by collecting points by summoning NB3 & NB4 monsters or new monsters until they reach the specified number of points. Players can also summon Onimusha with Water/Fire/Wind elements when they accumulate 100 points. Bonus items will be available when players enter into battles with new monsters and upgrade those monsters.

Meanwhile, real-time Guild Siege Battle Season 4, which guild members can enjoy together, will begin in “Summoners War” along with this update. Guild Siege Battle will be held from June 8th until the end of June, Siege Battle Tournament will also be held to find the winning guild after the season ends.

The best Guild Tournament in Southeast Asia has also been completed at the end of last June. Countries participating in this tournament are Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The international tournament was held from November 2022 to June 2022, the 2022 SEA Guild Tournament was held on 27-28 June.

The Thai Guild dominated this tournament and the final was a battle between 2 Thai guilds and was won by the VRK Gangster Guild as the Guild Champion. Meanwhile, the Indonesian Guild was defeated in the first round, but the performances of the 2 Indonesian Guilds, Mother’s Wish and Soul_Finder were very good with strategies that could provide resistance against other countries with very thin points.

More complete information regarding the latest updates and events can be seen in the official community Summoners War

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