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Summary of SEA Games 2022 Mobile Legends Schedule and Results Day 2

Summary of SEA Games 2022 Mobile Legends Schedule and Results Day 2

The 2nd day of the Mobile Legends esports event at the SEA Games event finally started again.

Opened with a tie breaker match between the hosts Vietnam and Singapore, which is sure to make the whole match today will be very interesting.

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Therefore, the following is a summary of the schedule and results of the 2022 SEA Games for Mobile Legends numbers on day 2.

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Vietnam 0 – 1 Singapore

After previously the match in Group B ended in a 1-1 draw, finally the Vietnam match against Singapore had to be played again.

The reason is, the two teams have the same difference in points where both countries were defeated by the Indonesian Mobile Legends National Team with a score of 2-0.

The match itself went very fiercely, even Vietnam, which had secured the lord, had to admit Singapore’s superiority.

Singapore will certainly advance to the next round and will challenge the Philippines national team in the semifinals.

Philippines 2 – 1 Singapore

Photo via MPL ID

The match immediately ran fiercely after Singapore surprisingly managed to secure the first point over the Philippines.

However, the Philippines, which was late in the heat, finally managed to secure a victory after successfully fending off Singapore’s resistance with a score of 2-1.

This victory certainly brought the team to the Grand Final.

Indonesia 2 – 0 Malaysia

Photo via MPL ID

Still quite superior, the Indonesian Mobile Legends national team finally won a perfect victory over Malaysia.

In addition, Vyn cs also has the potential to win a gold medal and will challenge the Philippine Mobile Legends National Team in the Grand Final round.

You can of course still live all of these matches via the link below.

In addition, you can still follow all the livescore results and the development of the SEA Games for Mobile Legends numbers through this article.

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