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Suggestions to be fast, for those of you who are new to playing Mobile Legends (ML)

This is the first time playing Mobile Legends (ML) and want to get good at playing fast, here are important suggestions to make this happen.

Are you new to Mobile Legends and want to get good at playing this game fast? Calm down spinners, SPIN Esports has one powerful suggestion to make this happen.

Of course, the average goal of Mobile Legends players is to be good at playing and to be able to rank up quickly.

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Even new players must have the same goal and regarding that SPIN Esports will help you, especially new players who want to get good at playing Mobile Legends (ML).

Define Role & Watch Pro Player


The first thing you have to do is determine your role first. There are 5 total roles in Mobile Legends, namely roamers including support and tanks, explane, goldlane, midlane and jungler.

The five of them have different and equally important tasks in the Mobile Legends game, the 5 roles must also be in a team.

If you have determined the role you want to play, the next step is to study that role and don’t forget to also learn from pro players or players who are already very good at that role.

For example, if you want to be good at playing the midlane role, then watch pro players like Luminaire, Clay, Udil, Lemon and so on. Find out where they usually live stream and watch their game.

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If you regularly watch their gameplay, your own gameplay will improve by itself, you will understand what tasks your role must carry out so that your rank will easily rise and you will become good at it quickly.

Remember there is no such thing as instant, you need to study for a few days or even weeks to be good at Mobile Legends.

That’s important advice for you new players in Mobile Legends who want to get good at playing this game quickly.

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