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Strengthening Friendship, MEDIA WARS SEASON 3 PUBGM Successfully Held

Indonesian Game Industry Community (KIGI) always trying to be active in the game industry. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, KIGI always held (annual) gatherings for game industry players in Indonesia. In 2022 and 2022 these activities were hampered by the existence of health protocols. That’s why in the past year KIGI has turned it into an online activity in the form of a game competition (esports) entitled Media Wars.

Beginning of 2022, to be precise in June 2022, on Saturday the 20th, KIGI held a Media Wars Session 3 which was followed by a number of Game & Technology media people. This competition between media people is sponsored by a number of large companies that strongly support the game industry in Indonesia, including: Razer Gold, Nimo TV, Telkomsel, Gudang Voucher e-money, Upoint, Unipin, NYK as well as Gamefinity as Live Broadcast.

This event is also supported by media partners including Hardwareholic, Esports ID, Indoesports, MasterGame, Overclocking ID, Gameholic, GudangGaming, UPstation, GGWP, Esportsnesia, newstoday, Skygrid, Kaori Nusantara, GridGames, Futureloka, Mobileague, teknogav, boxgame, gamefinity, journal appsand Asian collab.

The event, which was attended by 23 media teams from various media, started at 13.00 WIB until 17.00 WIB and was very exciting.

Of the 3 rounds of battle that took place in three different maps, and the results:

  • Round 1 – Erangel – TransTV with 33 Points

  • Round 2 – Miramar – Gaming Warehouse with 29 Points

  • Round 3 – Sanhok – Gaming Warehouse with 30 Points

Guided by the event at Media Wars with Caster Gensshin and Auraniqia, and finally the war between media at PUBGM was won by a team from Gaming Warehouse with a total score of 72 as the first winner, then followed by Gaming Area as the 2nd place winner with a total score of 52, and the 3rd place with a total score of 47 is held by the team News Today.

In addition to exciting competitions between media people, there are also door prizes worth millions of rupiah distributed in the form of gifts Hardware (earphones) and game vouchers worth millions of rupiah for 25 lucky participants.

Congratulations to the winners of Media Wars Session 3 and thank you for the enormous support from Indonesian Media Game and Technology personnel, as well as the sponsors who have supported so that this Indonesian Game Industry Community event can be a success. See you at the next KIGI event!