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Strength Level Comparison, Kid Stronger Than Luffy?

We have seen Eustass Kid after so long in Wano Arc and we know that we will see him more and more from now until he is imprisoned together Luffy. In your opinion, is Kid stronger than Luffy? We will discuss it in detail in chapter One Piece that will come.

First of all, let’s talk about the instance when Eustass Kid was shown in One Piece. She was introduced in Sabaody Arc. We saw his very strong devil fruit power from repelling and attracting metal objects.

Strength Level Comparison, Kid Stronger Than Luffy?

Then we see him make an alliance with Apooand Hawkins after time has passed, however Kaido jump from Sky Island. Kaido beats Kid and imprisoned him, then we recently saw him in the Wano Arc and we see him more and more often.

Kid is one of the most interesting characters ever, and we hope we get to see more of him. We just want to make our point, i.e. we haven’t seen it in battle. We mean in a serious battle, it seems Luffy has a slight advantage.

Luffy has fought a lot like fighting Katakuri and Doflamingo. Since we haven’t seen Kid in action, we don’t know how strong he is and what his true devil fruit abilities are.

Kid Has the Greatest Power Than Other Supernovas!

If we ignore all that and just put them in a power battle, who will win? So, let’s find out. First, let’s talk about Eustass Kid.

He is one of the Pirates Supernova and the captain of the Kid Pirates. Eustass Kid has an unknown devil fruit ability, but one thing is clear that his devil fruit is linked to magnets.

We’ve just seen him use his repelling and attracting abilities but he’s definitely going to have a lot more up his sleeves.

We think he might be able to manipulate electromagnetic waves that are almost around the atmosphere. Even one can manipulate brain waves by using it. Imagine, if that power was given to him by Odahe can advance and finally defeat his enemies without touching them.

But we won’t talk about the power created in this post. One thing is for sure that Eustass Kid can use King’s Haki, which was recently confirmed by Kaido himself.

It was clear that Kid would be very good at using weaponry and observation haki as well. But we don’t think that he is like Luffy, he will be able to use advanced forms of these types of haki.

Junebe Kid and Luffy can use King’s haki at the same level. But again, for the record, we haven’t seen him use this ability in real combat. Now, let’s talk about Monkey D Luffywho had defeated the strongest Yonko commander in Charlotte Katakuri.

Luffy’s Strength Is Not That Much Than Kid?

We don’t think that the current Eustass Kid is even at Doflamingo’s level. When we see how Doflamingo hit Law which is also highly rated.

It doesn’t come close to Luffy in terms of strength. Same thing with Eustass Kid. Kid is very strong, but unless he has any achievements, We can’t say if he is stronger or weaker. Based on what we heard about him, he is strong, but not as strong as Luffy.

We think that Monkey D Luffy is stronger than Kid, to say the least. The use of the devil fruit with his fourth Gear is pretty good. Currently, Luffy can also defeat yonko commander level enemies.

We think King the Wildfire won’t be able to beat Luffy in Gear four form. Because he had defeated the strongest Yonko commander in Charlotte Katakuri.

As we said earlier, Luffy has very powerful Future Haki and advanced weaponry also raises his arms, which gives him an edge in the battle against Kid.

We don’t think that Kid has something we saw in his arsenal that could hurt Luffy. So, it’s clear that the answer to the question is Kid who is stronger than Luffy is a big NO.

In the Wano Arc, we will see more of his powers and abilities. But no matter how strong he is, he will not be stronger than the future pirate king, Monkey D Luffy.