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Street of Rage 4 - Let's Relive the Sega Era Games

Street of Rage 4 can be said to be a nostalgic game for generation x gamers and early millennials. But for some late millennials and generation z, hearing the name Street of Rage or Bare Knuckle is quite foreign to the ear. The Street of Rage franchise gained its glory in the 90s, which was the generation of Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) vs. Super Nintendo console battles or 16 bit game console battles. In this era, side scrolling action games are very popular in the market. These two consoles each have popular side scrolling action games.

Street of Rage 4

On Sega’s side, the Street of Rage or Bare Knuckle series is one of the most popular side scrolling action games. On the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis) console, there are 3 series of this game. For those of you fans of this game, you must be familiar with the names Axel, Adam, and also Blaze. These characters will again clash with bandits and thugs who roam the streets. Are you curious about this one game? On this occasion, we will discuss the fourth game series from this once very popular side scrolling game franchise. Follow this article to the end.

Street of Rage 4 Plot Story

Actually, there is nothing complex about the plot of the story presented by Street of Rage 4. This game is set 10 years after what happened in Street of Rage 3 where the most feared crime kingpin boss, Mr. X has been defeated by Axel, Blaze, Eddie, and Dr. Gilbert Zan. However, the defeat of Mr. X doesn’t make Wood Oak City safe. Now the Y Twins from Mr. X avenged his father. They plan to brainwash the townspeople of Wood Oak City with hypnotic music.

Street of Rage 4

With this, Blaze Fielding looks for a way to dispel the hypnosis aimed at the urban population through music performed by the twins of Mr. X and beat them. Axel Stone and his old friend Adam Hunter, who only appeared in the first series, join Blaze to save the city from the Y Twins’ brainwashing attempt. Here, the trio of Axel, Adam, and Blaze are also accompanied by two new characters namely Cherry Hunter who is Adam’s son, and also Floyd who is a man with robotic arms reminiscent of Jax from Mortal Kombat.

There is nothing special about the story that is owned by this fourth Street of Rage. The story is very generic about a group of heroes who want to save the city and restore it back to how it was. However, even though the story is very generic. That’s not the focus of this game. This fourth Street of Rage offers exciting gameplay and brings these generation x and millennial gamers to the experiences they had 2 decades ago.

Street of Rage 4 Gameplay and Graphics

How come technology is getting more advanced using 2D graphics? Well, for us, because technology is getting more advanced, developers can choose what game technology they want to choose. And as a result, games with 2D graphics don’t always have a bad impression. Just take a look, since the PS2 console generation has used a lot of polygons graphically, there are still games with 2D graphics. Of course the 2D graphics presented in this game are very cool in the contemporary cartoon style. The 2D graphics of today’s era are not the 2D sprite graphics that game developers used to create. The resulting movement is also much more flexible. The attack effects displayed look more modern. In addition, the artwork is also very beautiful.

Street of Rage 4

Even more fun, for veteran gamers who miss the old costumes of Axel et al, you can play the early Street of Rage characters on Sega Genesis (Mega Drive) with 2D sprite graphic style. Like its predecessor. Each character is provided with a special move that is capable of dealing massive damage and defeating enemies more easily.


In the midst of competing games with detailed and realistic graphics, Street of Rage provides a breath of fresh air. Especially for old gamers who want to reminisce. This game is available across all the latest generation gaming platforms. For those of you who are bored with games now, you can play this game.