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Story of Moniyan as One of the Competitors in Conflict of Dawn

Moniyan is a hero who fights for balance, honor and justice; purity in its highest form. The Imperial Chevalric Order is Moniyan’s elite weapon. An army led by the almighty Tigreal leads to victory and pride. A leader who fought countless of battles against tainted souls.

A fearless leader who never backs down even twice his size. A great leader will always have great allies. The day the tormented Queen, Vexana, attacked from the eastern flank of the Moniyan land. Tigreal and his Imperial Chevalric Order executed a barricade to stop the legion of undead.

Vexana echoes her voice declaring that she will reclaim what she had before! Tigreal chuckles and talks to Natalia that Vexana just talks a lot of nonsense for a woman who only spreads medicine for the undead. All threats from the Queen who has no troops and now who wants to rule over the citizens of the kingdom.

Vexana must be stupid and challenge the most truimvirate third of truimvirates. Vexana echoes back with the threat her legions of undead will tear her soldiers with their horns on the Zulu! Tore into warring hordes of whites. Agile strength like a newborn human and speed like a turtle. Also, Royalty knows who the first Queen of the Norse was.

Tigreal yells back at Vexana that he must be joking cause he’s going to be a hyena ’cause I’ll laugh at your jokes. My soldier. Brave warrior. Get ready for battle! Front liners can never be beat when they stomp your legions in the chest! Then I, Tigreal, will exterminate your worn-out horn, for you cannot surpass the best!

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