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Spiderman PS4: The Best Superhero Game After Arkham Series

Spiderman PS4 is here to compete with the Batman Arkham series which has fulfilled the desire of gamers for the existence of quality superhero games. When the trailer came out, many gamers were surprised by the gameplay. The movements of each attack also look wider. Many gamers, including us, have been waiting for a lot of quality superhero games because they have been absent for several years.


The reason is that the developers seem carelessly making games with superhero themes. Spiderman 2 was arguably the last best superhero game, and that was over 10 years ago. Then five years later came Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009 which was developed by Rocksteady Studios.

Then the Batman Arkham series still continues to be the best even though there are less successful series. Arkham Knight also got a lot of criticism for the PC version, although after the patch came out this game also received a lot of praise. Read: Best Marvel Games 2022.


To fill this competitive void, Spiderman PS4 appeared, which was released in 2022. This game was quite shocking in the world of gaming. This game was developed by a developer named Insomniac Games who has created legendary games such as Spyro the Dragon, Ratchet & Clank, Resistance, and many more. After the trailer came out, it is certain that many gamers had high hopes for this game. This article will discuss the ins and outs of the PS4 Spiderman game.

Plot: Peter Parker is not a teenager anymore

Spiderman PS4 starts the story not from how Peter Parker was bitten by a radiation-hit spider and finally got his powers. In this game, Peter Parker is more mature and Spiderman is a superhero who has been known for all his services by the citizens of New York City. Likewise, his identity as Spider-Man has been recognized by his lover, Mary Jane. Peter Parker in this game has been Spider-Man for 8 years and is required to defeat one of his greatest enemies, The Kingpin or Wilson Fisk.


After defeating Kingpin using his classic costume, the city of NYC is not as peaceful as it seems. In fact, many want to be the next Kingpin-Kingpin. Peter Parker couldn’t rest because the crime was getting worse. In the midst of Norman Osborne’s campaign to become Major for the second time, there are many new threats, one of which is Shocker.

There is Mr. Negative who is a new enemy who will also try to tear apart the security and comfort of New York City. When keeping NYC safe, Peter Parker is not alone, now he is accompanied by Yuri Watanabe. The costumes used also come with new designs. The costumes used by Peter Parker are now cooler and more modern.

In this game you don’t just run missions in a linear fashion. You can roam around New York City freely. Spider-Man’s movements are now more flexible and agile. Yes, you could say that this Spiderman PS4 game is an open-world game, even though it’s not a total open-world game. In addition, Insomniac is quite successful in presenting the dense and bustling city of NYC like the original NYC.

You will find many people milling about and among them can offer useful side quests for you. The NPCs in this game look real, you will find residents who invite you to take a selfie. Once again we give two thumbs up for Insomniac who has designed the city of New York in such extraordinary detail.

Exciting Gameplay and Great Graphics

In the NYC version of Marvel Spider-Man PS4 there are also iconic buildings in the Marvel series, including the Avenger Tower, the Wakanda Embassy, ​​the Sanctum Sanctorum owned by Dr. Strange, and several other locations identical to the Marvel series. It seems that everything that is presented by Marvel in this game is quite forgivable regarding the controversial graphics downgrade.

One of the highlights of this game is the really cool battle mechanism. This game deserves to be predicted as a competitor to Batman Arkham because the battles have similarities. You will walk around from behind the enemy to defeat the enemies. Spidey is also equipped with advanced technology. The cobwebs also seem more functional.

Conclusion: Spiderman PS4 Is One Of The Best Superhero Games Of The Latest Generation

Once again, we salute Insomniac for successfully executing Spider-Man PS4 even though the graphics were downgraded. This game can be used as one of the reasons why PS4 sales increase. Yes, for those of you who haven’t played, we recommend trying this superhero game. Read: Best PS4 Games 2022.