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Soon New Mode - Mobile Legends Survival Mode Will Be Released

Source: my world

In Season 9 later, Mobile Legends will update the latest Patch, which is the latest feature Survival Mode. For those of you who don’t know what Survival mode is. Survival mode comes from the word Survive, which means to survive. In Game Mode Survival there will be 99 players who will jump to an island or map. And later you will only be given one rule that is survival.

All players will fight each other until there is only 1 person left. So this mode is very difficult, because you will be fighting against 99 other players. Moreover, there will be a Zone that will continue to shrink so that players are forced to meet each other.

For those of you who have played Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, and RoS, you must be familiar with this mode. For the Mobile Legends version, there will be Solo and Team Matchmaking. For solo later you will play alone which means all players are your enemies. And for the team, there will be 1 team consisting of 3 people so there will be 33 teams.

The map that you will play is certainly wider than the usual map, about 10x larger than the Land of Dawn Map. When you play this mode, the hero used will automatically level max. So we just need to get equipment to strengthen the heroes. Equipment can be obtained by killing opponents or Creeps. What’s unique here is that the equipment that you have obtained can be dropped to be discarded or given to your teammates. Also you can get skills from other heroes who can worn.

It’s interesting to wait, this Survival Mode will be released on the Ori Server in mid-July. But the bad impact is that the capacity of Mobile Legends will increase a lot. Because to play this mode you have to download data of around 300 – 400 mb. This is quite influential on HP users who are below the standard.