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Sony Presents New Technology, Controller 5 on PS 5 Can Detect Sweat and Heartbeat?

Dualshock 5 controller on PS5 can detect sweat and heart rate

The news related to the release of the PlayStation 5 seems to be getting closer. Many leaks have been circulating regarding the console along with the Controller 5 which comes with a number of updates.

It was recently discovered that there was information that the DualShock 5 controller on the PlayStation 5 will bring new technology that can detect sweat to the heart rate of users of the Sony console.

Later there will be a new sensor embedded in the handle of the controller so that the DualShock 5 Controller can tell whether the user is sweating or how the user’s heart rate is.

Well, the new technology is called ‘Biofeedback’ and Sony has registered a patent some time ago and the concept of its features has spread on the Internet.

However, until now there is still no official information from Sony regarding the presence of this new technology. So we’ll just have to wait for further news, guys!