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Song, Radio & Broadcast URL

How to Add Music on Bussid – As a Bussid or Bus Simulator Indonesia player, of course you have already felt the excitement offered by the game. Here the players can drive a bus or other types of vehicles from one point to another.

Not only that, you can also play Bussid while listening to music or the radio. But to enjoy this feature, you need to add music on Bussid first. Don’t know how to add music on Bussid yet?

Calm down, through the following article we will explain in full how the process of installing music on Bussid. In addition, we will also share information about how to install a radio on Bus Simulator Indonesia.

By adding music or radio, the trip to Narik or Nglayap on Bussid becomes more exciting. Alright, so that it’s clearer, just take a look at the full discussion about the tutorial for adding music and radio on Bussid below.

Terms of Installing Songs on Bussid

As we know that in the Bussid game, players are allowed to install MOD Police Cars, Hino Trucks to Police Cars. Not only that, you also add MOD Accessories such as Wolf Muffler, Full Strobe Light and many others.

But there are also other features in the Bussid game that you beginners may not know, these features are music in the form of songs or MP3s and radios that can be played while traveling on Nglayap or Narik on Bussid. It’s just that to install this feature, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Especially for songs, you can upload files from your device provided that the music files have MP3, WAV or OGG formats
  • Then to add music in radio form, you must enter the Bussid Radio URL
  • The music feature on Bussid can only be used when playing in Online Mode

How to Add Music on Bussid

How to Add Music on Bussid

After meeting all the requirements above, now let’s move on to how to add music on Bussid. For the first method, we will try to add music in the form of MP3, WAV and OGG files from the device used. The steps are as follows:

1. Enter the Garage

Enter Garage 1

Please open the Bussid application then on the main page enter the menu Garage.

2. Tap the Music Icon

Tap Music Icon

After that tap the icon Music the one on the far right

3. Select the Music Tab

Select Music Tab

Then in the pop-up that appears, please tap Tab Music.

4. Click Add Playlist

Click Add Playlist

Then click Add Playlist

5. Create a Playlist Name

Create Playlist Name

Make a Playlist name as you wish. If you have, click Plus.

6. Select Add Song

Select Add Song
Select Add Song 2

Now tap the button Add Song in the lower right corner. Then click File Manager on the pop-up that appears.

7. Search Songs

Search Song
Search Song 2

After that look for folders the place where you save the list of songs you want to add to Bussid. If found, tap song it to add to Bussid.

8. Song Added Successfully

Song Added Successfully
Song Added Successfully 2

If a display like the one above appears, it means that you have successfully added a song on Bussid. Now try Nglayap on Bussid and tap the music icon at the top of the screen then play the songs that are already available in it.

How to Install a Radio on Bussid

In addition to music in the form of songs, you can also add an fm radio. Through this platform, you can not only listen to your favorite music such as DJ Remix, Koplo, Dangdut and so on, but you can also listen to broadcasts about traffic, crime news and many other broadcast themes that add to the realistic impression of being a bus driver. Please follow the procedure below to add an fm radio on Bussid:

1. Go to the Garage

Go to Garage

Open the Bussid game then go to Garage

2. Select Music Icon

Select Music Icon

Next select the icon Music

3. Click Add Channel

Click Add Channel

Then click Add Channel in Radio Tab

4. Enter Channel Name & URL

Enter Channel URL Name

Now enter channel name and fm radio channel URL that you want to use. If you have, click Plus.

5. Successfully Added Radio on Bussid

Successfully Adding Radio on Bussid

Until here you have successfully installed fm radio in Bus Simulator Indonesia.

BUSSID Radio Channel URL

Especially for the process of adding an fm radio on Bussid, maybe many of you still don’t understand what a radio channel URL is. Relax, here we have prepared a list of channel URLs from various radio stations in Indonesia, including:

Channel NameChannel URL
Prambors FM 102.2 Jakarta
I-Radio Jakarta
Female Radio 979 fm
Hard Rock fm 876 jakarta
Delta fmhttp://
Gen FM 98.7http://
Trax FM Jakarta
101 jak fmhttp://
Virgin Radio Jakarta
Ardan FM Bandung
Elshinta Jakartahttp://
Cosmopolitan FM
Nagaswara FM 99.7Nagaswara FM 99.7


That’s the explanation from the team regarding the procedure for adding music on Bussid, be it in the form of MP3 songs or fm radio broadcasts. Remember, to add music to the Bussid game, make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Otherwise, the Garage menu will not be accessible. In addition, if you want to add a song file from the File Manager, make sure the file format must be MP3, WAV or OGG, other than the three formats the file cannot be read. After successfully adding music, later on your way on Bussid you can listen to your favorite music from MP3s or fm radio broadcasts.