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Some Signs PMGC Is Done Offline, Hoax Or Not?

Tencent has planned a tournament PUBG Mobile Global Championship which was one of the biggest tournaments in PUBG Mobile a few months ago.

This tournament is international in scale, because all players from each region will meet, and fight to bring the name of their respective countries.

The tournament is a combination of 2 major tournaments, namely PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) and PUBG Mobile World Championship (PMWC) into one big tournament.

And counting for about 1 more week, on 24 November 2022, All teams from various countries will compete on the first day of PMGC Season 0.

The biggest question right now is will the tournament be online or offline? Because the conditions are very difficult.

Tencent has previously said that it would be difficult if this tournament would be conducted offline, because it was still in a pandemic.

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However, there are so many leaks coming from some of the teams participating in the tournament that it makes us wonder.

So far to this day, fans are still waiting for news of how the tournament will be held, and some believe they will do so online.

BTR Ryzen and also Aero Potato giving signs that it looks like this major tournament will be taking place offline.

This is evidenced from the conversation BTR Ryzen said that he must go to Dubai while chatting with Mimin Helmet on live Stream.

Source: pubgmobile_competitive

Of course, his conversation made his fans wonder, why did Ryzen go to Dubai when he only had 1 week left to PMGC.

Is it possible that PMGC will be held in Dubai later to be able to gather all players from various countries in one place?

Aero Potato also reinforces this statement by uploading a story on his Instagram that he is at the airport, which seems to want to go somewhere.

Source: IG AeroPotato

Where will he go when the PMGC is about to start, is this a sign that this big tournament will be held offline?

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What do you think, Spinners, is it true or not, PMGC will be done offline, it can be even more exciting if it’s done offline.

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