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Some of these Games Failed in Early 2022

Achieving success in video games is a very difficult thing. especially from year to year the game industry is increasingly competitive, especially at the beginning of 2022. Not only new games, but many developers are also dealing with it by doing remasters or remakes so that fans don’t just leave and stay loyal to them. Curious what games have failed? let’s look at the following article.

Commandos 2 Remastered

Commandos 2 is a game that tells the history of the second world war. You will play the role of commander of the allied forces to infiltrate enemy bases in 1941-1942 to thwart the main missions of Germany and Japan.

Unfortunately, after being used as a remastered version, many players said that there were many bugs that messed up the game.

Arc of Alchemist

Arc of Alchemist is a JRPG-themed action game with some of its signature elements and cute characters. The gameplay of this game is so super repetitive that it is wrapped in rigid visuals and animations.

Unfortunately there are many criticisms from fans who say that this game is boring and fails to meet the expectations of the fans. They also said that the game story that was written was not interesting.

Warcraft III: Reforged

It was stated that the game made by Blizzard turned out to be a total failure. Warcraft III Reforged is a remastered version of the previous game. This game has a strategy genre that had raised Blizzard’s name until Activision finally caught a glimpse of it. Lots of loyal Blizzard fans are looking forward to the visuals and appearances that have changed to other new features.

It’s not just bugs, Blizzard is known for the very high quality of its games and makes fans expect that the game will be what they think it will be. But it turned out that it didn’t match their expectations at all which made most of the fans not play it.

Those are some of the games that failed in the early 2022 version of GameZeRO. Did you also have a bad experience about the game that you were looking forward to in 2022, but it didn’t live up to your expectations?