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So this is the reason why Moonton releases a new hero that is OP and then the new Nerf Hero

Every Hero that will be released by Moonton in Mobile Legends must have a goal so that the Hero will sell well among players. Not infrequently there are also several new Mobile Legends heroes who fail to be famous for several reasons. To reduce this failure, the Developer has its own way to overcome this. One of them is to make the new Hero Over Damage. Of course, winning in a match is the main goal in playing this game, with the main factors being skill, teamwork, and heroes. If these two accesses have been fulfilled, only which Hero is suitable to play.

For this reason many players are eager to buy a new Hero that is Over Damaged. This case is one of the developer’s plans to make a new Hero sell in the market. Cruelly, after a few months after the release of the new Hero, surely Moonton will immediately strike a balance between the Hero or commonly called Nerf. They do this purely for the sake of balance in the Game, so the goal is for all Heroes to be balanced in the match.

The cases above are the reasons why Moonton releases a new Hero that is intentionally exaggerated so that players buy the Hero. Of course, this makes players want to quickly buy the Hero so they have to take out the contents of their wallet. In the end, all this is done for the sake of profit. So don’t be surprised if the recently released Hero will be hit by Nerf after a few weeks after its release. Even so, the Developer has the goal of Nerf or Buff Hero solely for the sake of creating a balanced gameplay, where there are no heroes that don’t sell well in Mobile Legends.