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Slot Plus, Team Secret Malaysia Enters PMGC 2022!

Good news hit Malaysia this November, seeing them get a slot in PMGC 2022 Season 0 later.

We all know that in about 2 weeks, the big PUBG Mobile tournament that gathers the entire region is about to start.

After entering the new month, the PMGC also announced something that brought good news for the teams that had not qualified.

One of them was for Team Secret Malaysia who had struggled with an extraordinary performance at the PMPL Sea Finals yesterday.

Due to the tournament format at that time, only taking the Top 4 in the PMPL Sea Finals, then Team Secret who was in 6th place had to be knocked out at that time.

Source: pml.updates

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Thailand’s Power888 KPS team, managed to enter PMGC in 5th position because the Bigetron Red Aliens team occupies the Top 4, where the alien team has already got a slot in the PMGC later. So the 5th position gets the slot.

The addition of this slot certainly makes this big tournament even more stressful, seeing the many teams from Southeast Asia who will be fighting.

Previously, we would only be welcomed by 2 countries from Southeast Asia, with the entry of Malaysia, Southeast Asia will send 3 countries at once.

After completing PMPL South Asia yesterday, all teams from all regions can get a schedule and group division well.

There will still be 2 more teams, because there will be 24 teams playing in PMGC 2022, and there is still no sign of which team will enter.

Most likely there are still two other teams that will appear, through qualification or Wildcard.

PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 This is a tournament that fans have been waiting for.

Therefore, the more teams that play, the more exciting the match will be.

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So, what do you think, Spinners? It’s even more exciting with the entry of the Malaysian secret team who also became a burden for Indonesia at the PMPL Sea Finals yesterday, right.

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