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Siren Esports' Steep Adventure Behind the Success of Winning MDL Season 2

The development of the esports field that continues to evolve from time to time in Indonesia has made one of the game developers on line namely Moonton presents its own esports ecosystem with the Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) event that houses talents to compete. The MDL Season 2 event itself has been rolling since the beginning of September 2022. A total of 11 teams were collected to compete for slots to the Playoffs which took place on 9-11 October 2022.

In total there were 9 to 10 matches that took place by each team that competed in MDL Regular Season 2. There were 3 teams that were forced to give up their hopes of becoming champions because they were in the bottom 3 of the standings, including Geek Fam Jr., Alter Ego X and XCN BKB. .

Siren Esports itself became the team that won the MDL Season 2 title after defeating favorite teams such as Aura Esports, ONIC Prodigy, and finally RRQ Sena in the final round. The 3-1 score marked the final match in the MDL event where RRQ Sena had to fail to win the tournament through the unyielding spirit of Siren Esports.

Siren Esports manager, Juniar Permata admitted that his team has a high motivation to win in MDL Season 2. “Indeed, this tournament is exciting because the opponents are really strong, but we realize that we need to work harder when facing MPL franchise teams like RRQ Sena. This victory is also a testament to our optimism and strategy, because we have prepared various ways to beat our opponents in the Playoffs,” said the manager.

The competition in the MDL Season 2 Grand Final itself was quite fierce at the beginning of the match. Siren Esports managed to open a winning record after beating RRQ through Altamiz’s beautiful game. In the next series, it was RRQ Sena’s turn to show their quality as the leader of the MDL Regular Season 2. Great game Skylar et al. managed to shake the solid defensive strategy of Siren Esports.

However, Altamiz has again become an important pillar figure for Siren Esports behind the MDL Season 2 title. Harith he played managed to produce maximum results, especially by mastering the jungle and when it happened. clash between teams. As a result, Siren Esports was able to wrap up a satisfying victory with a score of 3-1 against RRQ Sena. This victory is also a success story that Siren deserves to be the champion.

Fauzianska or Oji “Gold Ranger” gave his opinion on Siren Esports’ victory and his journey to becoming a champion. “Again we must give the highest respect to Siren, a team that emerged from the qualifying path. They have succeeded in repeating the story of Victim Esports from being a nobody to a team to be reckoned with. Win against the strong Aura, ONIC Prodigy who has a solid roster, to the leader of the Regular Season standings, RRQ Sena. I’m sure this victory is the fruit of the Siren roster’s hard work, yes. Especially for bringing down ONIC Prodigy and RRQ Sena who are actually the top team standings, it feels like Siren Esports has evolved into a dark horse team!” said the Gold Ranger.

The victory of Siren Esports itself is the end of the MDL Season 2 adventure which lasts for quite a long time, which is 3-4 months if it includes the qualifying round. Not only that, as reported by the Esports Chart page, the MDL Season 2 Grand Final match between Siren Esports and RRQ Sena was able to make fantastic achievements by touching peak viewers amounted to 217,425. It is proof that MDL Season 2 also has its own charm in the eyes of fans of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game.

Moonton hopes that the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community and players in Indonesia can become MDL as a benchmark, that they can all compete with teams from MPL. It is evident from the last two seasons filled with champions from non-MPL teams. The Mobile Legends Development League (MDL) tournament itself is Moonton’s way to promote new talented players in MPL in order to regenerate players and also support the country’s esports ecosystem. So far, there are several players from MDL who have the potential to become legends in MPL and it can be seen from their playing style. With this result, Siren Esports is entitled to receive the MDL Season 2 title and get the largest portion of the prize.

Look forward to the excitement of the next MDL Season which will certainly produce new surprises, new colors, and of course new fun. Let’s continue to follow social media and MDL Indonesia’s YouTube channel!

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