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Sinister Legend FF Backpack, Here's How to Get It!

The Sinister Legend FF backpack is currently hot in the Free Fire player community. Yes, the backpack item has been announced that it will be an item that you can get through the FF Top Up Bonus event. This event is indeed one of the prima donnas in Free Fire.

Well, the plan for this FF Top Up Bonus event will take place tomorrow Saturday. September 25, 2022. Of course this is good news for those of you who want to get this cool FF Backpack item right away.

Curious about how to get these cool items? Come on, let’s see the review below.

About Backpack Sinister Legend FF

Backpack Sinister Legend FF 1
Backpack Sinister Legend | YouTube

The FF Top Up Bonus Event is an event that gives FF players a bonus item after successfully Top Up Diamond FF in a certain amount. With this offer, Free Fire players always look forward to this event in every season.

Well, at the end of September 2022, the FF Top Up Bonus Event is back to greet the players. For prizes or bonus items that will be given by Garena at the Top Up Bonus event this time, namely Backpack Sinister Legend. This backpack is the latest backpack launched by Garena Free Fire.

The appearance of this backpack is so cool with its appearance that looks like a red dragon complete with wings. In addition, there are fire effects that come out of this backpack skin. If you use this Backpack skin, it is certain that it will look cool and terrible.

There are 3 skin levels that you can use in this Backpack skin. The cool effect shared by this skin apart from releasing fire is that when you jump, the skin will flap its dragon wings. You guys want to get it? Check out the following method.

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How to get it in the FF Top Up Bonus Event

Backpack Sinister Legend FF
Backpack Sinister Legend | YouTube

To get this Sinister Legend FF Backpack as we mentioned earlier, you need to top up Diamond FF first. To get it, you need to prepare at least 140 Diamond FF to be able to get the backpack skin.

Here are the steps to get the Sinister Legends FF Backpack skin:

  1. Top Up Diamond as much as at least 140 Diamond.
  2. Then go to the Event menu by selecting Tap Event > Bonus Top Up.
  3. Next, hit the Fetch button.
  4. Prizes will then be sent directly to the Vault/Collection.

One more thing you need to know that this FF Backpack skin is available from tomorrow until 25 September 2022 until 1 October 2022. So there is one week for you to get the FF Backpack skin. How are you ready to get it tomorrow?

Well, that’s the discussion about how to get the Sinister Legend FF Backpack. What is your opinion about this? Don’t forget to comment below. Keep visiting Dafunda Game so you don’t miss other interesting information about Free Fire Tips from us.