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Should MPL Indonesia Use the Point System? These are the 3 Benefits of the Point System If Implemented in MPL ID!

Should MPL Indonesia Use the Point System? These are the 3 Benefits of the Point System If Implemented in MPL ID!

Junebe you’ve heard this through an analyst or caster from Indonesia KB, who said that Moonton should hold the privilege for the winner of MSC Mobile Legends.

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“Dear Moonton, why hasn’t there been a privilege slot for MSC winners since 2022, so they can go directly to the M-Series?” said KB.

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Ko Delwyn’s Response to MSC Privileges

Answering this question, one of the team’s CEOs, Delwyn Sukamto, gave his response as follows.

MSC privileges
source: ig story @delwynsukamto

The conclusion is that Ko Delwyn does not agree with the privileges mentioned by KB because it will make the winning team reluctant to play in even seasons and prefer to use a point system.

Benefits of the Point System for MPL Indonesia

MPL ID Season 9
source: ig

Now, regarding the point system revealed by Ko Delwyn, here SPIN Esports tries to provide an advantage or benefit if MPL Indonesia uses a point system to determine the team that departs for the M-Series.

  1. What plays is a team that really gave a good performance for 1 year, not only good in that season (in this case the even season)
  2. The players are more enthusiastic every season, unlike now, the MPL ID Season Even more priority is only to participate in the M Series
  3. More hype, one example is TI (The International) Dota 2

Some of the points that SPIN Esports mentioned are benefits if MPL Indonesia in the future uses a points system to determine the team that advances to the M-Series. That also applies to teams outside Indonesia, such as PH, because almost all Southeast Asian teams participated in MSC.

This can be a benchmark for the region to determine the teams that are entitled to get a slot to the M-Series so it’s not just winners and runners-up in even seasons.

What do you think, is it better to be given privileges or use a point system as suggested by the CEO of the Alter Ego team, Delwyn Sukamto. Can you write it in the comments column?

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