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SaveFrom IG - How To Download Instagram Videos HD Online

SaveFrom IG-It’s no secret that currently there are many social media options that you can use to make new friends. Apart from being a forum for connecting many people, social media is also very close to its sharing features. We can share various kinds of photos and videos.

Each social media platform certainly presents its own advantages, for example, Instagram. By utilizing this application we can follow each other and chat. Another advantage of Instagram is, of course, that there are videos and some effects when we create stories.

Various videos of people we follow will pass on the homepage of our account. Not infrequently there are videos that make us interested in saving them. But unfortunately the developer does not provide such a feature, so you cannot save videos through the application.

Due to the large number of users who want to download Instagram videos, finally websites that provide these services have emerged, including Savefrom IG. By using this website, we can save Instagram videos in our smartphone gallery.

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What is SaveFrom IG?

Savefrom IG is a website that we can use as a place to download videos on Instagram. All you need when you want to download here is the url link of the IG video.

There are quite a number of domains with the name “Savefrom” for that this time we will recommend a site that you can use to download Instagram videos. But actually there are many features, because we can also download from other video sharing platforms such as Youtube and dailymotion.

Nowadays there are indeed a lot of content creators who are very good at editing a video. By taking pictures from the right angle coupled with interesting video editing, it will produce videos that are easily accepted by the public.

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Advantages of SaveFrom IG

One of the advantages of using this savefrom ig website is the convenience you get. In addition, there are other advantages that you can feel, which are as follows.

No Need to Create Account

Usually we will be asked to create an account when we want to use a service, such as downloading videos from sharing platforms. However, when you access this website, you do not need to create an account.

No Need to Download Application

In connection we can directly visit the site of this service provider, so we do not need to install additional applications to be able to save this Instagram video.

Have HD Quality Download Results

Another advantage is found in the results of the download. We can determine the quality of the video you want to download, the higher the resolution you choose, the clearer the display of the video will be.

Available in Application Form

Junebe for those of you who only occasionally download, accessing the website is the best option. However, for those of you who download frequently, it will be very complicated if you have to go in and out of the browser to use this ig savefrom, for that there is savedfrom available in the form of an application so you can install it right away.

High Download Speed

One of the reasons why when downloading feels slower our internet connection. This is not entirely true, because the server the file provider is using may be slow. But don’t worry, this will not happen when accessing savefrom ig, because the download speed is quite high.

Browser Plugins

For those of you who like to surf using Google Chrome on a PC, then you can take advantage of this savfrom plugin, so it will be easier for you when you want to download videos. Besides Google Chrome, other browsers also support this plugin, for example Mozilla, Opera, Safari and so on.

Available in several Formats

In this website also provides a variety of existing formats. So you can download the file according to what you need.


To be able to download various kinds of videos here the process is not complicated. For those who usually download on the internet, they may have encountered when we want to download a file we are often taken to a certain page. But with this savefrom ig you will find your direct download link.

Download Videos By Adding Letters

Another disadvantage that this website has is that it can download on various platforms just by adding letters on the front. For example, for those of you who want to download youtube videos, then you can add ss on the front to become ssyoutube.

This trick is already quite popular among social media users, because many are sharing it. But now you know that it is this site that provides this service.

Those were some of the advantages that you can get when using savefrom IG. However, behind the advantages, there are also disadvantages, namely as follows.

Cons of SaveFrom IG

Talking about the shortcomings of this one website, maybe we can’t say too much. This is because it has very few drawbacks, so it is covered by its advantages.

Ads Often Appear

When we get the download link of the video we want to download, an ad will appear. This is certainly very disturbing comfort for us as users of the website. But of course this is one of the sources of income from the website provider.

Only Public Videos

For those who private videos on their Instagram accounts, we cannot download the videos using this website. So this savefrom ig can only be used to download videos that are public, so all Instagram account owners can see it.

The drawbacks of this website can be said to be almost non-existent, so you can easily download videos from the Instagram application.

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How to Download Instagram Videos on SaveFrom IG

If you want to reuse a video that you have downloaded on Instagram, then you should ask for permission first. Because this is a form of our appreciation for those who have already made a video.

To be able to download Instagram videos on savefrom IG, you can do this easily, but you must provide the IG video link that we want to download first, the method is as follows:

  • Go to Instagram and select video, copy the link on the three-dot menu

copy link ig video

  • Then you can visit the address, namely:

how to download ig videos

  • Paste the video link that you copied in the column
  • Select “Download”

download instagram videos

  • You will enter on the download page
  • Then you just have to choose the download according to the quality and format you need.

With several ways or steps as above, you will successfully save Instagram videos on your smartphone. For additional information, savefrom ig can also be used when you want to download Instagram reels.

Instagram Reels is a new feature that has similarities with TikTok. That way you can get many benefits by accessing this ig video download website.

how to install the savefrom ig extension

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SaveFrom IG feature

It can be said that the available features are complete enough so that you can choose any menu you want to use.

Downloading From Multiple Platforms

To make the download process easier, you can use this plugin in your browser. That way, you can download videos from various platforms as follows:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • VK
  • TikTok
  • Odnoklassniki
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo

As we know that some of the platforms we have mentioned above are platforms that have a lot of interesting video content. In order to be able to download the video directly, then you must install this savefrom plugin on your browser.

How to Install Savefrom Plugin in Browser

You must first install a plugin or extension before you can enjoy features like the above, namely in the following way:

  • Go to
  • Select the Install menu
  • Your browser will be detected and an “Install” link is available, you can select it
  • Then you will go to the page to install this plugin on the browser
  • If you use opera, then select “Add to Opera”
  • Wait until the process is complete.

If you have done the above method, then when you open the video sharing platform or social media that we have mentioned above, the download icon will automatically appear.

SaveFrom IG MP3

Not only download in video form, but you can also download for mp3 format. The choice of video quality that you can download is also HD. So you will get sharp or detailed images.

Play Video

When you enter the download page, there will be a thumbnail of the video. Here we can also play the video first before doing the download process. That way you can make sure that the video is indeed what we want to download.

Saved Directly to Gallery

The downloaded video will be saved automatically in your smartphone gallery. Check the dowload folder, then you will find the video file that has been successfully downloaded. Savefrom is different from a video downloader application in that it turns out that the download is stored in that application only, so to see it you can open the application.

Easy to use

It can be said that this IG savfrom has a user-friendly appearance. That way for those of you who want to download videos here will really feel the ease. If you are one of those who rarely use such a site, then you will not have very significant difficulties.

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SaveFrom IG offers convenience for those who want to download videos from Instagram or other platforms. By capitalizing on the video url link, then we can save the video we want on our smartphone.