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Samsung Indonesia and FFI Collaborate to Develop Content Potential for Video Creators in Indonesia

Through innovations in the Galaxy Note20 series camera, Samsung Electronics Indonesia collaborates with the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). They will develop the potential of young Indonesians to make videos telling stories like a movie.

“The leading innovations in the Galaxy Note20 series and Galaxy S20 series provide opportunities for young Indonesians to create video content like movies. The latest Galaxy Note20 has leading-edge camera technology through the Pro Video Mode feature with 8K quality and a 21:9 ratio that delivers a cinematic viewing experience through the phone screen, adjustable zoom speed, a slow motion feature that is so smooth that makes scenes more dramatic and multi-source audio that will make the scene more enjoyable. videos come alive. We present this innovation so that every content creator can pour interesting stories into videos that inspire many people. We hope that this will become the forerunner of storytelling video content like we watch movies,”

reveal Miranda Warokka, IT & Mobile Marketing Director, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Indonesian People Enjoy Watching and Making Videos During the Pandemic

More than 70% of Indonesians like to create video content creations through their smartphones. Entering the pandemic and new normal, the data shows a growing trend and interest of the Indonesian people. This growth in video data consumption is around 4.6 percent.

Likewise, things that Muriel Makarim as Head of Large Customer Marketing, Google Indonesia say:

“We see that the interests of the Indonesian people are increasingly diverse. While search queries for ‘baking’, ‘movies’ and ‘streaming’ surged for YouTube searches around June (during the PSBB), we have also seen an increase in Indonesian search interest for ‘short films’ in the past year on Google. An obvious example is the short film ‘Tilik’ which premiered on August 17th, and now has 23 million views. This shows that the diversity of public interest and interest in short films opens up opportunities for Indonesian filmmakers to creatively explore the content genres and distribution methods they want to use.”

Therefore, Samsung believes that Galaxy Movie Studio is the right platform to engage the public. They are young filmmakers and content creators to keep working and stay productive.

This year, Samsung Galaxy Movie Studio realizes its mission through collaboration with the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI). Their mission is to invite young Indonesians to create new opportunities in the next normal period by working through video creations.

FFI supports its mission to develop the creative potential of young content creators to create storytelling videos like movies.

“Our collaboration with Samsung Electronics Indonesia is a manifestation of FFI’s spirit to train young Indonesian talents to become film creators. And Samsung, which we know as one of the smartphone manufacturers with capable features, can benefit young talents in making movie-like videos. Samsung’s innovation can be optimized under current conditions to be creative, and it can be an opportunity for them to train themselves to become talented Indonesian filmmakers. The presence of Galaxy Movie Studio collaborating with cinema workshop stories from FFI is our effort to provide access, insight, and knowledge that they can immediately practice through special training so that they can optimize the advanced features of smartphones such as the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy S20 to make quality videos like a movie. short film,”

say Lukman Sardi, Chairman of the Indonesian Film Festival Committee.

Samsung and FFI Open 4 Online Classes for Filmmaking Workshop

Samsung Galaxy Movie Studio with Cinema Stories FFI will open 4 (four) online film-making workshops.

The first is from a script writing workshop by Gina S. Noer as a mentor. Then, a pre-production workshop by Lala Timothy as a mentor. After that, the production workshop by Yandy Laurens, to post-production which also includes the distribution stage by Ernest Prakasa as his mentor.

Therefore, to support these activities, Galaxy Movie Studio has innovative features from the Samsung Galaxy Note20 & Note20 Ultra.

For example there are innovative features such as S Pen, advanced camera features, Pro Grade Video, and 8K Video Recording to produce the best video content. In addition, there is a Multi-Source Microphone, up to an all-day battery that is able to expedite the production process to distribution movie-like video.

Attractive prizes for Galaxy Movie Studio 2022 finalists

Galaxy Movie Studio will start in mid-October to early December 2022. With details and stages:

  • A short film competition that starts on 7 – 23 October 2022 and is open to Samsung smartphone users. Provided that you are domiciled in Greater Jakarta and aged 18-35 years
  • For 10 (ten) selected story ideas or videos, they will have the opportunity to become finalists and participate in 4 series of online workshops which will be held in November 2022.
  • From the 10 finalists, 4 (four) winners will be selected who will be assessed by a row of professional directors from the country and the Galaxy team. The 4 winners consist of the Best Picture category which will receive cash of Rp. 30,000,000 and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Best Cinematography which will get cash of Rp. 20,000,000 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. Best Screenplay which will get Rp. 15,000,000 cash and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. And we also open up all Indonesian consumers to vote for their favorite for the People’s Choice category who will get the Samsung Galaxy S20FE.
  • For further information on the Galaxy Movie Studio 2022 competition, you can access Samsung Indonesia Facebook.