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Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, Awesome HP for Awesome Generation

Samsung has launched its latest cellphone, the Galaxy A33 5G in June. Smartphone This is here to pamper and help the younger generation who awesomeespecially generation Z and millennials, in order to be able to increase productivity in their daily lives.

In an event Galaxy Awesome-verse Session which was held by Samsung on Thursday, June 31, 2022, Vice President of MX Business at Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Mr. Lo Khing Seng said, “Our generation often thinks that young people are just watching screens smartphoneher, play games all day. Even though they seem to be just watching and playing gamesbut they are learning to express themselves and self-taught through the digital world.”

Mr. Lo Khing Seng also explained the reason behind the increase screen time these awesome generations. When they are relaxed, most of them spend their time learning new things, one of which is exploring the world games by being an athlete e-sports.

To support these activities, of course the generations awesome need a smartphone sophisticated with powerful features, and the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is here to answer their needs.

“This Samsung Galaxy A33 5G has embedded innovation to support whatever they do, to become more awesome again,” said Ricky Bunardi, MX Product Marketing Senior Manager of SEIN.

Ricky also explained the various types of features awesome of the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. So, what are the advantages of this latest Samsung cellphone? Check out the full discussion below.

Body Design

galaxy a33 5g body_

Galaxy A33 5G comes with a simple but elegant body design. Behind the minimalist design, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G, which weighs 186 grams, has good water and dust resistance, thanks to the presence of IP67 certification which makes it able to survive in a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

In the event, Taufiq Furqan, MX Product Marketing Manager from SEIN conducted a live test Galaxy Awesome-verse Session. The test was carried out by putting the Galaxy A33 5G phone into the water, while the phone was still on.

As a result, when lifted back from the water, the Galaxy A33 5G can still function properly. But keep in mind, avoid putting the phone in sea water, or water that has been mixed with soap.

Not only resistant to water and dust, this cellphone also has good resistance to scratches, thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protector.

Well, with the presence of IP67 certification, also this protector from Corning, generation awesome can create content in the water more freely, be it for college assignments, or school, even for video content on social media.


galaxy a33 5g screen_

Samsung provides this cellphone with a wide screen Infinity-U sized 6.4 inches. The screen is already FHD +, with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels.

The panel also uses Super AMOLED technology. So, the quality of the display does not need to be asked again, yes. Generations awesome will be treated to a screen display that vivid and the colors are accurate too.

Not quite there yet, refresh rate from this screen it has reached 90Hz. That is, generation awesome can do activities such as scrolling and watch your favorite content on social media, browsing, and others smoothly without experiencing lag. The display is clear and not blurry or blur.


galaxy a33 5g camera_

It’s incomplete if a smartphone for generations awesome comes without a sophisticated camera sector. For that, Samsung embeds four camera modules on the Galaxy A33 5G.

There is a camera lens ultra-wide 8 MP f2.2, then 48 MP f1.8 main camera lens, lens depth camera 2 MP f2.4, and a 5 MP f2.4 macro camera lens. While on the front there is a camera selfie 13MP f2.2.

The camera sector is certainly able to pamper and help generations awesome to produce content in the form of photos and videos of higher quality. Moreover, the main camera lens already carries Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), so the video recording will be more stable and with minimal vibration.

The resulting photos and videos will be even more smooth, color and has a good level of sharpness and detail, whether recording or shooting is done during the day or night. In addition, all of these camera lenses are capable of recording video with a resolution of 4K @ 30fps.

Interestingly, Samsung embeds features Night-mode which is cool on the Galaxy A33 5G. This feature is able to produce photos with a good and minimal level of sharpness noise by combining 12 frames at a time. So, photos taken at night will still look bright and ready to be uploaded to social media.

With a cool camera sector like this, of course the generation awesome can produce more cool and reachable content engagement good from the audience.

Performance and Battery

galaxy a33 5g battery_

To support a balanced productivity and entertainment activity for generations awesome, Samsung provides the Galaxy A33 5G with an okay runway sector. This cellphone brings chipset Exynos 1280 with 5 nm fabrication.

The performance that is presented is certainly fairly fast, so users can enjoy activities on their cellphones, including playing games like Mobile Legends smoothly and without significant obstacles. Especially the touch sampling rate also already 180Hz. So, when playing a game, the movement can be more smooth again.

If playing games If it’s already smooth, then other lighter activities such as playing social media, chatand online meeting can be tested well by the Galaxy A33 5G.

This good performance is also supported by a large battery capacity, which is 5000 mAh. Not only big, the battery life is also fairly long, which is 2 days with normal use.

This can be achieved thanks to the presence chipset The 5nm Exynos 1280 is not only capable of delivering fast performance, but also maintains battery life.

Oh yes, the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is supported with 25W Super Fast Charging, so that the battery charges 30 percent in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, for a full charge can take as long as 60 to 70 minutes. Pretty fast, right?

Well, with fast performance and a long-lasting battery, generations awesome no need to be afraid of experiencing obstacles, including running out of battery and waiting for the charging process that takes a long time when using this Galaxy A33 5G.

The Samsung Galaxy A33 5G is available in three variants. The first variant is 6 GB RAM with 128 GB internal which is priced at IDR 4,699,000. The second variant is 8 GB RAM with 128 GB internal which is priced at IDR 4,999,000. The third variant is the highest variant with 8 GB RAM with 256 GB internal. This variant is priced at IDR 5,499,000.

There are four different colors that can be selected according to the needs of generations awesome. There are Awesome Black, Awesome Blue, Awesome Peach, and Awesome White.

Samsung also provides additional accessories in the form of case with strap silicone that can keep the phone safe and provide comfort when doing photo activities such as mirror selfie.

Smartphone this cool can already be ordered with the system pre order during 4-6 June 2022 through Shopee and the official Samsung website at Lucky customers will get the following benefits:

  • Samsung Care+ protection for one year worth IDR 749,000
  • Mobile Legends Exclusive Chest worth IDR 3,000,000

There are still many advantages of this HP Samsung Galaxy A33 5G. For more information, please stop by the official Samsung website, yes.

Well, how? Interested in owning this smart phone? Come on, be part of the generation awesome with a Samsung Galaxy A33 5G cellphone that is awesome.

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G Specifications

Samsung Galaxy A33 5G
Screen Super AMOLED 6.4 inch
Chipset Exynos 1280
Internal Memory 128GB, 256GB

48 MP (wide)

8 MP (ultrawide)

5 MP (macro)

2 MP (depth)

Battery Li-Po 5000 mAh
Current Price IDR 4,799.000