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Sad! The Reason Why Mobile Legends Liked by Boy Players

Last year until now Mobile Legends is still a fairly popular game in Indonesia. Because of its popularity, many young and old people like to play this game, including underage children. Because of the popularity of this game, many minors play this game. For gamers, this is indeed quite a hassle, because this game is specifically for ages above 14 years and over. So why are so many boy players playing this game, let’s look at the following reasons.

Popularity in Indonesia

The reason for this is very clear, because Mobile Legends is very popular in the community, making minors also interested in playing the game. Not only that, there are even children’s games that have the theme of Mobile Legends, for example cards or pictures that have the theme of Hero Mobile Legends.

Smartphone Games That Enough Exciting Played

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Then the next reason is because this game is quite fun to play from all ages. Because of the excitement, many underage players often spend their time playing this game compared to playing in their own environment. The sad thing is, because many minors have gadgets, their socialization interactions are reduced.

Era Technology Which Develop fast

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Technology continues to develop rapidly around the community. This makes technology a part of our daily life. It’s even common for minors to already have a gadget. This is what makes boy players can easily access the Mobile Legends game on their gadgets without the help of others.

Not There is Supervision Person Old

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Most of the Boy Players in Mobile Legends are usually released by their parents without their consent. Even though the role of parents is very important here, because if a child is too addicted to playing Smartphone Games, it will have a long-term negative impact. As an example of problems with the eyes if you keep staring at your smartphone too often. This will be very influential for children who are in the growth stage. Therefore, as a parent must be sensitive to the things that are done by their own children.