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Sad News, Legendary Actor Ray Liotta Passes Away

Sad news came from the Hollywood film industry, because the legendary actor Ray Liotta had passed away on Thursday (26/5) local time. He died at the age of 67 years and left one child.

Raymond Allen Liotta or commonly known as Ray Liotta is an American actor, who won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe nomination. He started his career in 1964 and is best known as the voice of the character Tommy Vercetti in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

His name is increasingly recognized by many people after he starred in the film Goodfellas in 1990. However, it’s all just a memory, because the actor had to meet his creator.

Legendary Actor Ray Liotta Passes Away

Launching from The Hollywood Reporter, the actor was initially staying in a hotel room located in the Dominican Republic. At that time, Ray was taking a break from the production of the film Dangerous Waters, which had only started its production for a week.

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While fast asleep, Ray Liotta, who was with his fiancé, Jacy Nittolo, suddenly died. Ray was confirmed to have died in the early hours of Thursday, leaving behind his daughter, Karsen Liotta.

Until now, the main cause of Ray Liotta’s death is not known for sure, because related parties are still keeping it a secret from the public. What is certain is that Ray Liotta’s body has now been transferred to the Santo Dominggo forensic institute.

Ray Liotta Dies
Photo: LA Times

This news immediately caused a stir in the Hollywood film world. Some of Ray Liotta’s closest relatives also offered their condolences to the actor.

“Ray was my partner in crime in Shades of Blue…the first thing that popped into my head, was that he was so kind to my children. Ray is a reflection of a tough man with a soft heart…I think this is what makes him such an interesting actor to watch. The real Goodfella.” wrote Jennifer Lopez.

Not to forget, Martin Scorsese was quite devastated by the departure of Ray Liotta. Reporting from Deadline, he recalled the time he had worked with Ray.

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“He had such a unique talent, was so adventurous, and was such a brave actor. “Henry Hill’s role is actually so challenging, because this character has so many facets, so complicated layers, and Ray is in almost every long, tiring scene,” said Martin Scorsese.