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Ryzen Collects 48 Kills, Beats 2 4AM Members at PMGC 2022 Week 2!

BTR Ryzen is the Top Fragger at PMGC 2022 Week 2!

Super Weeked Week 2 PMGC 2022 ended last night, and is different from the previous week because it ends on Monday.

This is because Super Weekend Week 1 had a problem on the last day which caused the match to be postponed.

But it didn’t let the players off guard, and still tried their best to collect points.

The players who were already at the top of the Super Weekend Standings did not hesitate to add their points drastically.

This can be seen in the team Bigetron Red Aliens and also some of its rivals like 4AM, RRQ Athens, and many more.

In Week 2, 4AM bounced back and took the top position in the standings since falling behind on the last day of Week 1.

They play by getting a lot of Placement Points, and also don’t forget the many Kill Points.

Here we will give you information about the Top 5 Fraggers collected during Week 2,

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Ryzen Becomes Top Fragger at PMGC 2022 Week 2

One of the members of Bigetron Red Aliens achieved the most kil in this PMGC 2022 Week 2 with a total of 48 kills.

Yes, we can’t forget this moment for the team from Indonesia where Bigetron RA got the total 20 kills in 1 match in this Week 2.

Source: PUBG Mobile Esports

Coupled with the Chicken they got from several matches, they occupy the top position in the standings this time.

BTR Ryzen, rusher from Bigetron RA got 48 kills during this Week 2 after trying hard, and lots of moments were caught on camera.

One of them was when he was hiding behind a bush in Miramar, and was not caught by enemy teams nearby.

Under Ryzen, there were two players from 4AM, Suk 43 kills and 33svan 37 Kills occupying the second and third positions.

Indeed, judging by all the existing matches, they really studied and adapted quickly to this PMGC 2022 match.

This team from China is one of the teams that several other teams are wary of, especially Bigetron himself.

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Lutz from Futbolist, and Gonzo from Konina Powers managed to occupy the fourth and fifth positions in the Top 5 Fraggers Week 2.

Both teams are also very dangerous to be opponents in this PMGC, and always go into Super Weekend with no problems.

So, who do you think will be the Top Fragger in Week 3 later?

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