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Ryan Renolds Thanks The Audience For Making Free Guy Top The Box Office

Ryan Renolds thanked the audience for coming to the cinema and making Free Guy top the Box Office today.

Free Guy itself has experienced quite a long delay. Since this film has been delayed for a year, so it is only natural that many people have been waiting for this film.

Top the Box Office

Free Guy
Free Guy | 20th Century Studios

Free Guy released on August 13, 2022, after three days of its release, Free Guy managed to collect a total profit of $ 28 million. The amount managed to overtake the revenue of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad which grossed $26 million in its first three days.

In addition to earning a large income, Free Guy also received many positive reviews from fans and critics. Previously, Free Guy was only estimated to earn $15-$16 million in its first week. Thanks to the slick role of Ryan Renolds who starred in this film, Free Guy succeeded beyond expectations.

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Ryan Renolds Says Thank You To The Audience

Ryan Renolds
Ryan Renolds | Screen Rant

Free Guy will be in theaters exclusively for 45 days from its first release. This is certainly a challenge for the film, which was released in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. However, that is not an excuse for the audience not to come to the cinema to watch Free Guy.

Thanks to the support of the audience, Free Guy managed to explode at the Box Office last week. The $28 million profit is a testament to this film’s quality. For the achievements that have been obtained, the star of Free Guy, Ryan Renolds expressed his gratitude to all the viewers who have watched the film in theaters.

The thank you, he immediately conveyed through the account His Twitter. Ryan Renolds is very pleased with the achievements of the film. And mentioned that this was a great surprise and he had never expected it before.

During this time Ryan Renolds himself has been trying hard to promote Free Guy. In fact, he used his Marvel character to promote the film. And the current results are extraordinary, Ryan Renolds’ efforts were not in vain.

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