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Rows of Best Solo Hero Ranks in Mobile Legends June 2022, Must Pick!

Rows of Best Solo Hero Ranks in Mobile Legends June 2022, Must Pick!

Towards the end of season 24, of course, there are still many players who have not reached the rank they are aiming for.

No wonder many players nowadays prefer to play solo rather than waiting for their partners to reach Mythic rank.

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Therefore, here are the recommendations for the best solo rank heroes in Mobile Legends for the month of June 2022, which of course you must use.

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Thamuz is a unique Mobile Legends hero who sells very well in tournaments but doesn't sell in rank matches, how come?

After getting the buff, Thamuz is now a very terrible hero with great damage as well as a defense that is difficult to penetrate.

The reason is, when he uses ultimate, Thamuz can regenerate HP very easily while dealing enormous damage.


Julian's new hero skill
source: YT King Aog

Having various attacks and combos makes Julian now feared in the Land of Dawn because every attack is very deadly.

In addition, he can also be placed anywhere so it is very suitable to help you in solo ranking to be able to win.


source :

Playing solo, of course, makes you as a midlaner not get maximum backup because of course there are communication problems.

Pharsa can certainly be the best option because it has great mobility and damage so that you don’t depend too much on roamers.

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Yu Zhong

Hero OP MPL Season 7
source :

Being able to rush into the opponent’s back was certainly Yu Zhong’s specialty which would make his opponents panic.

This of course can be an advantage because the opponent will certainly be confused in compiling the attack again, it is not even possible that you can separate your opponent.

You can take advantage of this moment to finish off each separate opponent and of course take the objectives that follow.


Karina Mobile Legends

Karina with a build tank, of course, is still a terrible specter in the jungler position who often shakes her head.

In the right hands, the hero is really difficult to overthrow because it has durability, mobility and damage that cannot be underestimated.


Nerf Hero Patch 1.5.54
source :

Even though he got a nerf, Wanwan is still the best marksman hero for you guys to do solo rank at this time.

Having anti CC skills of course makes the hero difficult to gank, which of course you don’t have to worry about if you don’t get the maximum back up from the roamer.

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