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Rockstar Started Working on New Game?

Some game developers prefer to prioritize game quality over quantity. As a result, the developer only releases a few games in a certain period of time, but the released games are always successful in the market.

One of them is Rockstar Games. They usually only release one or two games in a generation of platforms, but their game releases always achieve tremendous success. Examples are GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2 which are still busy playing. The question now, what game will be released by Rockstar next.

There are many rumors circulating on the internet. Many say Rockstar is working on GTA VI, there are also those who say they are working on Bully 2. But it seems Rockstar himself is still keeping his mouth shut even though many are curious about what they are doing.

Well recently Rockstar did a pretty suspicious action and caused the reaction of gamers. First, they changed the background image on their official website with a new logo and the words “Killing Dreams, Murdering Hope, Fighting the righteous, Bullying the Weak” in the middle. The second is a new image that gives the impression of a thick retro-futuristic theme through a unique robot design.


Although Rockstar itself has not said anything about these two changes, gamers believe that these actions are related to the new game they will release. Well, we’ll just have to wait for confirmation from Rockstar.