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Review of Tom Clancy's The Division 2: Get Better

It’s been an exciting year for fans of Tom Clancy’s The Division. This year Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment officially launched the follow-up game from the first The Division. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 game officially launched with a more complex story and better gameplay. The MMORPG game elements are also highlighted so that the game is more fun to play. In addition, The Division 2 adds a loot system to help you level up your character.

review tom clancys the division 2

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Cerita Story Plot

Game Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 takes place in Washington DC, United States. The time setting of The Division 2 game is taken after the events in The Division first series. The events and places are set after the terrorists release the Green Poison which causes chaos on a global scale. To deal with social collapse, the United States government formed an agency called SHD (Strategic Homeland Division) or abbreviated as The Division.

game review tom clancys the division 2

In this game, you are tasked with fixing the chaos that occurred in Washington DC 7 months after the events in New York. The central government of the United States is invaded by evil bandit groups such as: Hyena, True Sons, and Outcast. The situation is further complicated when some of the displaced people decide to arm themselves with firearms to protect themselves from these evil bandits. This makes players not only tasked with eradicating bandits, but also protecting refugee camps in order to get a decent life.

review tom clancys the division 2 xbox one

The Division 2 Gameplay

There are two bases that you must protect and upgrade, one of which is the White House or the White House in Washington DC. Each base has its own mission. Each successfully completed mission will give you rewards such as: EXP, Crafting weapons, and Equipment to help defeat the enemy. The gameplay is the same as its predecessor game. This game takes a third person point of view or Third Person Shooter. To help you crush a lot of enemies, game developers reduce Time to Kill and layered HP.

review tom clancys the division 2 ps4

But unfortunately, the boss in this game has thick armor. Makes you have to try harder to break through the thick layer of defense. Luckily, small enemies or minions are easier to defeat. Even though the boss character is only reinforced with thick armor, special missions when fighting allow you to beat the boss character with more fun.

review tom clancys the division 2 pc

Improvements in graphic quality make the atmosphere of the battle more intense. More detailed visuals are very attractive. You also will not be bored entering the arena of war without a break in the middle of Washington DC. Then, this game also offers Single Player mode. Even though you only play alone, the presence of a clan gives you its own excitement. The clan feature is given by Ubisoft for those of you who have trouble finding friends when playing in Multiplayer mode. If you need help from other players, you can ask for help with an emergency call.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Gameplay Videos

The Last Mission, Not the Last

When the main mission is completed, it turns out that a bigger mission is waiting. Besides Hyena, True Sons, and Outcast there is an evil bandit that is tougher to beat, namely Black Tusk. Their technology is far more complete and more sophisticated than The Division. They have robots and drones that can destroy your entire team. Fighting Black Tusk becomes more exciting because the loot and prizes given are much better.

game tom clancys the division 2

When facing Black Tusk, you are faced with a choice of 3 hero classes that can be changed at will. The three classes are: Demolitionist, Survivalist, and Sharpshooter. Demolitionist uses the grenade launcher as the main weapon. Then for Survivalist use a crossbow as the main weapon. Sharpshooter uses a large sniper, suitable for those who like to crush enemies from a distance.

tom clancys the division 2


Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 could be the best shooter game with a complex story. But unfortunately, the story connection from the main mission to the mission after the ending is not connected neatly. The ending that can still be continued makes this game very exciting to play. The details and visuals presented are also more pleasing to the eye. Makes players feel more comfortable sitting for a long time, even though the last mission is more difficult. The lack of The Division 2 game is in the PC version which is sometimes still found. Meanwhile, the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions reported no problems. Read: Best and Latest PS4 Games 2022.