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Review Control - Great Ray-Tracing Implementation

Control is arguably the first batch game using ray-tracing which is quite successful. Not only is it slick graphically because of the latest technology, Control also has gameplay and stories that are worthy of being followed. How not, this game was developed by a developer named Remedy Entertainment who is known to have worked on games whose names are quite big among gamers, namely Max Payne, Alan Wake, and also Quantum Break.


The games mentioned just now are also known to have cool graphics in their time. Actually, there have been many games released before this Control implemented this ray-tracing technology which was first introduced by NVIDIA with its RTX graphics chip. However, Control is one of the games that can use this technology to its full potential. Even Battlefield V and Metro Exodus seem to lose out on this game when it comes to ray-tracing applications. Are you curious about this cool game? Follow this Game Buddy article to the end.

Story Plot Control

This game tells the story of a main character named Jesse Faden who visits a mysterious organization in the United States called the Bureau of Control. Arrival to the mysterious organization’s office is not without reason. Faden is looking for his younger brother, Dylan, who is suspected of being detained by the Bureau of Control. The organization’s office looks like any other office. However, there is something odd about this Bureau of Control office, namely something supernatural which makes the bodies of the people who work in the office float in the air. Then, a Janitor named Ahti helps show the way to the elevator. Suddenly found the Bureau Director’s room which contained a director who had died inexplicably.


His search for his sister leads him to a world called Astral after he picks up a weapon called the “Weapon of Service”. Thanks to this, he automatically becomes someone who can’t help but fight a mysterious figure named Hiss who is the cause of this chaos in the Bureau of Control. This mysterious entity named Hiss makes monsters and possesses the bodies of the office employees. Fortunately, there were still some employees in the Bureau who were conscious and unaffected by Hiss.

Along the way through the strange conditions in the office, Faden found a lot of unexpected strange things, such as the voice of the director of the dead Bureau and also other events surrounded by objects that have supernatural powers called the Object of Powers and also Altered Items. The more he explores the office, Faden finds an entity that lives inside him. This allows Jesse Faden to do things with supernatural powers such as throwing objects without touching and also flying.

Cool Graphics, How about the Gameplay?

As a developer, Remedy Entertainment is able to present works that are fairly successful. What about Controls? The developer based in the city of Espoo, Finland has succeeded in concocting a game that is not only beautiful in terms of graphics, but also in depth in story and gameplay. The universe in this game feels very dark and mysterious. The element of action wrapped in horror was very successfully formulated by Remedy Entertainment.


The main character’s interactions with NPCs also don’t seem stiff and lively. In addition, the NPC adds a mysterious feel to this game. For example, Faden’s interaction with a cleaner named Ahti, where the janitor did not give the impression that there was a problem at the Bureau’s office. In this game there is a feature called Altered Items which are inanimate objects or objects that have been possessed by entities from other dimensions. These inanimate objects are able to react according to your actions on these objects.


Even more exciting, the main character in this game can not only do things like shoot or dodge. Because possessed by supernatural entities, Faden is able to do magical things such as flying and also throwing objects with this natural power. Not only that, even though it displays a mysterious and dark impression, the action presented by this game feels very exciting. Lots of dramatic effects that appear like shattered objects, and many others.


Of course, as a game that implements real-time ray tracing to the maximum, you have to pay a high price. To enjoy all the latest features and technology presented in this game, of course you have to use an NVIDIA RTX GPU whose price is still high. In addition, for setting 4K resolution and right-aligned graphics, this game sometimes still experiences stuttering which is quite annoying for the use of an RTX 2070 or 2060 GPU. Therefore, you need an RTX 3080/3090 or 2080 Ti to enjoy smooth performance with detailed graphics. tall.