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Revamp Hanabi Mobile Legends Leaks, So Beautiful!

Revamp Hanabi Mobile Legends Leaks, So Beautiful!

It seems that you can see the appearance of the Hanabi revamp. As we know that Hanabi has won the voting in Reforge You Legend, where you choose one hero to revamp.

After being passed by several revamp heroes this year such as Akai, Vexana and friends. Finally you can take a little peek at the latest Hanabi look.

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However, SPIN Esports reminds you that this is just a leak, it’s not fixed yet, what will happen later.

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Hanabi Revamp . Display Leaks

Hanabi Revamp
source: ig @borneo.gaming

You can see for yourself that the overall appearance is not much different because it is still dominated by red and black colors.

But if you go into more detail, of course, you can see Hanabi’s face becomes more beautiful. You can see other details on Hanabi’s lower body which is more visible,

Overall, the look is prettier than the previous Hanabi. We know that Hanabi often gets skins that make her even more fierce. Unlike many other female heroes who get skins that beautify their appearance.

Can’t wait to see the latest update for the existing Hanabi skin. Will there be any changes too or not.

For now only the default appearance of Hanabi is visible. And according to SPIN Esports, it has become more beautiful than it is now.

The more this is for competition with Kagura to get Hayabusa. As we know that Summer skins from Kagura and Hayabusa will also be revamped soon.

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