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Respawn Announces Apex Legends Mobile Will Be Released Globally This Month

After a long wait for a definite release, gamers who want to try Apex Legends Mobile from all over the world can now breathe a sigh of relief. Because the game’s global release date has finally been announced.

The announcement itself was reported by the Mobile Design Director, Jordan Patz during the Apex Legends developer panel which was attended by VGC media.

“I’m excited to announce that, finally, Apex Legends Mobile will be arriving to players around the world in June,” said Patz.

He also explained that the game actually had a soft launch and they had learned a lot about the game in a short time.

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Previously, Apex Legends Mobile could be played in several countries including Indonesia. So this news is certainly very encouraging for those who have not previously had access.

Apex Legends Mobile | EA

For the details themselves, it seems that there will be no new additions when Apex Legends Mobile is launched globally later. The content that is carried is not too different from the version that you can play now.

There will be 10 Legends to choose from when the game is launched later. Players can choose the game map between World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. And there is an exclusive Ranked Play mode.